Initial Election Result - North West England, European Parliament

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The following are the results of the May 2014 European Parliament elections for North West England where Maria Aretoulaki, George Walkden, and Jack Allnutt were standing for Pirate Party UK.

Party Votes %
Labour 594,063 33.86
UK Independence Party 481,932 27.47
Conservatives 351,985 20.06
Green Party 123,075 7.01
Liberal Democrats 105,487 6.01
British National Party 32,826 1.87
An Independence from Europe 26,731 1.52
English Democrats 19,522 1.11
Pirate Party UK 8,597 0.49
No2EU 5,402 0.31
Socialist Equality Party 5,067 0.29
Total 1,754,687 100%

This was the first time the Pirate Party UK has contested an election for the European Parliament.

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