Hi, I'm Gefion! I'm a Pirate living in Oxford and looking forward to getting involved with the Pirate Party in the UK.  I've been a member of the UK party since 2011, but haven't really had the chance to properly get involved yet (although I'm representing the Party for the International team in Paris this week!).  That's because I've been busy helping the Pirate cause in Germany.  I've been very involved with the PiratenPartei and am currently a member of the national board.  I'm looking for a change.

My term on the German Pirate Party board expires in June, and I feel that I've done all I can in Germany for now.  So its time for a new challenge that lets me make the most of my skills and lets me do the things I'm interested in.

For the last four years I've achieved a lot with the PiratenPartei. I've built their news service, run their press team, been involved with their election campaigns and helped with the organisation. Along the way, I've also done some work for the PPI, and created the international pirate news portal "Pirate Times". Its been hard, but I've learned a lot. Sometimes how things should be done, sometimes how they shouldn't! I'm hoping to bring some of that experience and my skills, as well as a pair of fresh eyes and an extra pair of hands to the Pirate Party in the UK.

Of course it hasn't all been rosy. The German Pirate Party has gone through lots of changes over the years. It has had to deal with growing pains internally as well as opposition externally, but it has been fun and I an proud of the work I have done and much of what the Party achieved.  

I'm especially interested in building processes, stuctures and teams. I'm getting stuff done, generally, and I like to provide support where I can and watch things grow. 

I know that the Pirate Party in the UK has a lot of potential and I'd like to help it realise that.  I've spoken to Loz and to Andy as well as other UK Pirates at events here in the UK and aborad over the years. I think I have a good idea of how the Party in the UK works, and some of the things we all want to do more of.  I know it will be hard work, but I know I can help by being a part of this project!

I believe in the Pirate movement and its great to see the UK party fighting for and adhering to its principles.  Its something that we need in politics, whether its in Oxford, the UK, Europe or anywhere else in the world. After all, we are right, and we are fighting for what is right.

So its going to be fun and I'll get to know the UK pirates better. I think we can achieve great things here and I want to be part of that.  



Photos CC-BY Tobias M. EckrichPirateTimes