Who are asexuals? (submitted annonymously)


This was sent in by a collaboration of asexual individuals who do not wish to be named, it is posted here to protect their identity the name of the account posted under is of no relevance



Asexual, agender, a-romantic, demi-romantic, lith-romantic, skolio-romantic, homo-sensual, pan-sensual, fray sexual, gray-sexual, sex-averse, sex repulsed... Welcome to the confusing world of asexuality.


Asexuality is one of the most varied, confusing and often weird sexualities to outsiders. The reason for this is that if someone is asexual they are "a person who has no sexual feelings or desires." This concept is often off-putting and alien to those who don't identify as it. This is worsened by our insistence on using a quite frankly ridiculous number of adjectives. However, every single one of them is necessary to help people form and make sense of their identity. Asexuality is not to be confused with celibacy, much like any other orientation, it is not a choice but a part of who we are. It is also not usually down to a medical condition of 'having something wrong' any more than it is for other orientations (If you do, however, experience a sudden drop in sexual attraction, this could be a symptom of a more serious condition - not asexuality). 

Asexual people have the same emotional needs as anyone else, some will choose to form romantic relationships while some are happier with a group of friends or on their own. Relationships can be challenging but just like in any other, communication and compromise means we can have relationships as successfully as anyone else.


Asexuals make up roughly 1% of population. Not only are we one of the rarest sexualities in the world we are also the least appreciated it was only in 2009 that the first asexuals marched at pride events. Only recently were the guidelines on sexual disorders changed to represent that asexuality is a sexuality not a condition; but the problem comes down to this, 99% of the world really like sex and yet 1% are more than willing to give it a pass. Imagine if you were a teenager going through puberty everyone else around you is becoming really interested in this thing called 'sex' and you’re like I’ll pass. Society alienates asexuals because of our orientation. Many asexuals live a large part of their life pretending to be like everyone else just to fit in. You may think that the world is open and free these days and we accept all sexualities but can you really say that when 1% of the world pretend just to fit in.


This pretending also secludes asexuals from the rest of society we take refuge behind internet handles and small internet images. Because we never really fitted in we became the outsiders from society, this only adds to the false perception that we're just not very good at getting people to like us. Many asexuals will wear subtle clues but never talk about it. It's not like with being bisexual which is just 'I like girls’ and boys', we must explain in much more depth only for many to tell us 'you just need to find the one'.


So, when you see the pride marches on TV think not about the 50% of people who are LGBTQ+ but instead think of those that are yet to be recognised, think of the hidden orientation. And if your child never gets into romantic/sexual relationships don't worry, there’s nothing wrong with them they could just be asexual don't tease them for it or mention it, they will find they'll own way.


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