2016 the year everyone got interested.

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So this year has been certainly the most remarkable and discussed year in politics for a very long time. Very few people have not spoken about Brexit, the Tory leadership race, the Labour PLP and leadership, the Icelandic election or more recently the US election. I have been interested in politics for a number of years, and a Pirate party member since around the General Election of 2015. 2016 however, has truly inspired me, due to this sudden interest that most of my friends,colleagues and acquaintances have now developed. I dream that the typical apathy and lack of wanting to vote for thinking that "things never change" mind-set is starting to fall away. I hope that perhaps realisation that the First Past The Post system is what gives us the static system of government generally and is equally what divides us.

Some people wondered why the “losing” side to Brexit or the US Elections complained, moaned and did not accept the result. This is quite simple when you boil it down to the fact both were only a binary choice question, this is clearly going to be divisive by nature!

Our First Past The Post system is doing the same,  whilst the share of the two main parties vote in the UK decreased by some 30% in the last 60 years it has only effected seat number by approximatley 13%.

 Imagine that Proportional Representation was brought into being for our votes, firstly I feel the decline in voters generally would change dramatically as votes would count far more than ever. I also think that the two party dominance would very much change as people vote for who they truly want, rather than opposing who they want least.

So whilst this research done for the 2015 General election shows that this was the result under the current First Past The Post

and this would be under Proportional Representation.


How might this have changed if those that voted for Labour because they did not want Tories and vice-versa could vote for a party they might actually agree with instead?!

I for one feel now is the time that people would consider an alternative, they would “Think different” and maybe “Vote different” too!

Also with other considerations coming into the limelight far more, with people suddenly getting concerned about digital privacy with the likes of Trump and the KKK possible advisors, of course our civil liberties start to appeal to more and more people. Another topic I feel will come more to attention over the next couple of years is the Universal Basic Income, with more and more automation there is only so many jobs that can go around, and once all the immigrants can no longer be blamed for this, people will start to wake up to the real reasons, rather than those fed through the media and look for answers.

I personally have some more free time on my hands and as such now wish to get far more involved in the party and help out to do more going forward. I travel a lot with Work all over the “South West” including south Wales down to Bournemouth on the Coast. So looking to meet up with like minded folks as and when and perhaps look to start a branch and maybe even stand in my local  area of Bournemouth.


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