2015 – Looking Forward

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The end of the year is often a time when people like to look back. Well, as usual I prefer to look forward. The new NEC members Will and George have made a good start with that, in a couple of weeks we've got the preparation for the General Election well under way, meeting electoral services to discuss the timetable. to planning campaigns, looking at designs.

One thing I'm worried about for 2015 is that people will miss out on their right to vote. The meetings we have had with people in charge of voter registration have indicated the changes in rules have let some people behind. This is particularly hitting young people and students. You can register online now at https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote .

We've already got some candidates declared for the General Election, discussions underway with more- and of course we want to hear from any of you thinking of standing at a local or parliamentary level.

What we have succeeded in doing over the years since the last General Election is being part of getting our issues on the agenda in a way they simply weren't in 2010. I think even then few people would have thought that GCHQ surveillance or alleged North Korean hacks would be topping the headlines...

But still, mainstream politicians still don't think that issues like civil liberties, mass surveillance, digital rights and freedom of speech will move people's votes at a general election. That is why so many MPs simply ignored their constituents when it came to crackdowns like the DRIP vote. They count that once election will be run in exactly the same way as previous decades.

We have to prove them wrong. We can both offer a comprehensive programme and address the issues the big parties refuse to touch.

There are plenty of people that think differently to the same old same old of mainstream politics. Our job for 2015 is to get the people who think different, to vote different. To vote Pirate.

I'm looking forward to that challenge and sharing it with you.

After I have had a bit of break of course! All the best to you over the holidays in to the new year.