Leadership Update

Loz Kaye's picture

Loz Kaye -

Time for a new Leader's update. I'm really pleased about the roll out of our new web platform. We can see already that it has made it easier to campaign, to get more people involved and get our message out there in a way people will connect with.

The main update I have from the Leader's Office is I'm very glad of the support and work Sephy is giving as our new Deputy Leader. So from here on out it's a Leadership team. We'll be keeping you up to date together on what we have beendoing and what we want to focus on.

After all we're Pirates so we do things differently!

Let's face it there are so many issues to deal with right now - care data, surveillance, falling turnout in elections, making sure everyone gets their fair share in this society, that we need all the help we can get.

Sephy Hallow  -

Being the only party out there ready to challenge major, ongoing issues in British and global politics - from mass surveillance to copyright reform, to internet filtering and censorship - it is always going to be a challenge to fight on all fronts. However, I'm proud, as Deputy Leader, to be part of the battle to save democracy, and as fellow Pirates, you should be too. From your interest in the Pirate Party, you don't lie back and take it from rogue politicians, and you are fighting for a freer,more equal society - because you really do care about the future of politics.

Of course, we're always looking for more help, and whether you can offer an hour of your time leafleting in your area, a small donation, or even think you might want to set up your own local branch: I say, go for it. No matter how challenging being an outspoken Pirate can be, I have loved every minute, and I wouldn't change it for the world. For every bit of help we get, we can do more to set right the injustice of our political system,and push for real reform that will shape the future of our global democracy.

If you're ready to lend a hand, get in touch, and we'll give you all the support and advice you need to start making a difference in your area.

It's not just me and Loz who are in this fight: we're all in it - as Pirates, as political activists, as people.