Making the Business Case Against Mass Surveillance

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Once again the threat of blanket surveillance legislation is back thanks to the new government. One of their first acts was to announce the return of the Snoopers' Charter.

This is not just a threat to civil liberties, and a waste of resources that should be better channelled on actually protecting us. It is a threat to our economy too. Software companies announced they would be pulling out of the UK :

This is way more significant than whether Katie Hopkins or Paul O'Grady come and go. The signal is that we have a government that doesn't get tech, that would put investment in danger, and would directly interfere in digital business.

I'm working on a non-partisan project with to preparing briefings for politicians and influencers in a language they understand. I want to help build the case already articulated by Aral Balkan for example.

What would be immensely helpful is short (1 or 2 sentence) quotes from people involved in the tech sector and business why-

  • the Snoopers' charter would impact your business or
  • mass surveillance threatens the UK tech sector or
  • the government's approach threatens tech investment or growth

You can email me [email protected]

Or tweet @LozKaye ( that will help to keep it focused)

Include who you are and your business / background.

There is a big fight ahead. We have to make our case, and make it well.