Moving On

Loz Kaye's picture

I think we're all still reeling from a very strange General Election campaign. And the result.

I'm really proud of what we have done. That we have got people involved in politics that would never thought they could. That we have put our ideas forward. That we have increased our visibility.

We've gained a lot of respect in this campaign.

It was always going to be difficult fighting our corner for civil liberties, digital rights and a new kind of politics when the pressure was to squeeze votes. Thanks to all our amazing activists for working to put the case for thinking differently.

I'm glad we've moved forward as a party since the last General Election. But it's clear we have more to do.

That's why I won't be putting my name forward for the next National Executive elections. So I will be stepping down from leading the Pirate Party UK. I'll be talking to the board about the best timetable for this.

We fell short of the targets we set ourselves. That's my responsibility. I'm not going to blame the electoral system, media bias or anything else. That's my responsibility that we didn't do better. We need to do better – and we have to do better for the sake of the ideas we believe in.

Now I believe the best I can do for the ideas we believe in is by concentrating in what and where I do best. So that is focusing on Manchester where I think we have made our politics concrete . What form that will take I can't be sure of right now, as I need a little to time to absorb the implication of this result.

More generally, Pirate Party UK needs to build its capacity as an organisation, we have been simply too stretched.

This has been an extraordinary period in my life and a huge thank you to everyone who let me lead the fight for civil liberties, a crowd sourced politics and a society where everyone can get a fair share.

There's been much discussion about the future of the movement. We've done a lot to define it. But now it's time for others to shape it.

I'm looking forward to balancing my life better, and I really mean it when I say I need to step down to spend more time with my family.

But this is not me stopping politics.

I've now learned just enough to get started.

This is the beginning.