Boundary Review - Pirate Party Respond (ENG - LDN, SE & SW)

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As you may be aware there are currently plans for a new set of Parliamentary Constituencies to be put in place in time for the next General Election in 2020, and the Boundary Commission (the independent organisation responsible) have recently been taking responses on their initial plans. As part of our commitment to open and transparent democracy we believe in responding to consultations such as this where we can do.

As we stated in our submission, we believe that as a party we can potentially bring a different perspective to this process which is sorely lacking at present - that of a consistent and evidence based approach. It is noticeable that in the current Boundary Commission proposals there is a variation in the way in which different elements (Existing Constituencies, Local Authority Boundaries, etc.) are prioritised in different areas. Being more rigorous, consistent and structured in the manner in which the BCE does its job would benefit all as it would reduce the ability of the major political parties to produce partisan suggestions that have little coherence or other reasoning.

We would also note that as a party without any elected MP's at present, we can provide an impartiality which the other parties lack. This means that instead of attempting to make suggestions which are most partisan to our side - we can attempt instead to put forward suggestions which recognise community links and existing boundaries.

Following comments from members in different areas - we made submissions for the London, South-East and South-West Regions. (Our Welsh branch commented separately to the Boundary Commission for Wales.) You can see our responses here:

London Region

South-East Region

South-West Region