Pirate Party London - Gearing up for 2015 and beyond...

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Having taken a bit of a breather following the elections in May, Pirate Party London is now gearing up for the General Election in May 2015 and looking further forward towards the Mayoral and Assembly Elections in 2016. However, we can't do this alone and if you are London based then we need your help.

There are 73 parliamentary constituencies in the London region - from Barking to Bromley, from Sutton to Southwark. Ideally of course, we would be able to run general election candidates in every one - but that means finding 73 people who are willing and able to put their names forward. As a party we have a very spread out membership - so if you want to be able to Vote Pirate at the next election, the best way of ensuring that there is a Pirate on the ballot paper is to stand yourself!

Please do consider putting yourself forward to stand - you will find you receive guidance and support from both local London members and the wider party, and it is a great opportunity to spread the message of Pirate politics across London. If you are interested, and want more information then do contact us on [email protected]

If you are based in London and want to help, but don't feel able to commit to standing as a candidate for whatever reason - we could still do with your help. We are looking for people to start local borough based meetings, and in due course we will need people to help with leaflet delivery, writing blog posts, chatting to journalists, or just being enthusiastic about Pirate politics in conversation with your friends. Please keep an eye on our London Branch site, come to our regular meetings (see our Meetings page for details), follow us on twitter and let us know how and when you can help.

We can affect change in our country's politics, but we can only do it together. Get in touch and help to be the change that you want.