New IT Infrastructure

With the publication of this blog post, I can gladly announce the transfer of the main website from our previous antiquated infrastructure to our new systems. Hopefully, you should be noticing several speed increases when interacting with the site, and I hope that as we continue to tweak and optimize the new system that further seconds can be shaved off of the website loading time, resulting in a far more user-friendly experience. This new infrastructure looks to save the party over one thousand pounds a year and this means we will be able to continue putting more money into campaigning in order to make a difference in our political sphere.

Within the next few months we plan to replace drupal with two systems, one to act as a membership area where people will be able to join the party and we will be able to track our membership figures and another system to act as a new refreshed front end site that most people will be exposed to when visiting the site. We hope that the two new sites will provide a much smoother and easy user experience that will provide a far better first experience of the party to site visitors.
As we continue to move services across to the new system we hope that there will be no service interruptions, however, should you notice any unusual behavior on the site please contact the web team directly on discord or via the [email protected] email address.