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European Elections 2014

Pirate Party to stand Euro Candidates in North West Region

There's More to Life than Nick v Nigel

The Pirate Party stood in the May 22nd European Parliament elections in the North West region.  

First on the Pirate Party North West list was Maria Aretoulaki. She runs her own IT consultancy as well as being a dubstep DJ and promoter. Born in Greece, Dr Aretoulaki speaks 4 languages and has lived in 3 different EU countries. Next on the list are George Walkden, lecturer in linguistics at Manchester University and Pirate Party Manchester organiser and Europe spokesperson Jack Allnutt.


We campaiged for the UK to be a part of positive change in the EU- for a more transparent and democratically accountable Europe, for a Europe that is right for all of us. We have been calling for a referendum on Britain's EU membership since 2012, because we want people to have their say - and we will be campaigning to show that the UK is a vital part of the EU.

This election was hard, and dominated by the negative UKIP agenda. We offered something really different - a vision for a  Britain really engaged internationally, but pushing for the fundamental change that Europe needs on all levels to make it really work. To make it truly democratic and a politics of the people.  The Tories simply can't deliver the reform they promise, as they have isolated themselves.  They are the "Billy no-mates" of Europe. We can deliver real change, and stand up for the things we care about; digital rights, ending mass surveillance, access to health care, protecting whistleblowers, working towards a citizens' income.

At the moment, UK MEPs simply do not get the issues we are passionate about.  Let's change that, and give voters a real alternative.

"I'm excited about standing for this year's European Parliament Elections. Even as a 15-year-old in Greece I was thrilled by the opportunities of the EU, of being able to live and work wherever you wanted, following similar laws and regulations, and not having to have a particular nationality to do certain things.

I believe that I can contribute to the European Parliament my unique perspective of the person with practically 3 national identities (or a single merged European identity). I've got experience in both the idealistic world of academia and the hard world of business, with technical expertise that makes me understand what the issues are and how to address them.

We need to be defending freedoms in the EU like freedom of movement.  Immigration is one of Britain’s most emotive debate topics, but opinions seem rarely informed by evidence. Research proves migrant entrepreneurs are hugely productive net contributors to the UK economy. Entrepreneurial activity amongst the migrant community is double that of UK-born individuals. That benefits everyone. " - Lead NW Pirate Party Euro candidate Maria Aretoulaki 


"I will be pushing to raise awareness of the benefits of EU membership and debunk myths perpetuated by nationalist organisations.
My main aim is to address the democratic deficit within the EU and make sure that it acts in accordance with its own principle of subsidiarity: decisions should only be taken at a European level if it is most efficient and sensible to do so." - NW Pirate Party Euro Candidate George Walkden

"There's more to life than Nick v Nigel, thankfully.

It's possible to be a positive voice without being linked to the Tories. And it's possible to want change in the EU without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

We want to see an end to mass surveillance. We want to see an end to treaties negotiated behind closed doors. We want to see digital rights and net neutrality protected. The best way to do this is to have a strong Pirate Party voice in the European Parliament." - The Pirate Party's Europe Spokesperson Jack Allnutt 


I'm really proud of the European Parliament candidates we have for  the North West.  Any one of them  would make a fantastic, knowledgeable  MEP, in my opinion.  - Party Leader - Loz Kaye 

For so many of us, it was the success of our sister party in Sweden in 2009 in the European Parliament which inspired us - that showed us there is a place for us that were feeling politically homeless. I know that Christian and Amelia have made a big impact in the European Parliament and are respected - even by those that don't really see things our way!