Full NEC Election 2017

The NEC should include a Leader and Deputy Leader (Spokesperson), as per the party's constitution. Other roles are subject to NEC agreement: at present, these will include at least a Treasurer, Nominating Officer and Secretary. The constitution outlines the method of election of NEC officers.


The Leader heads the party's administration and represents the party to the media and electorate. This NEC officer is expected to stand as a candidate in general and other relevant elections and to take a leading role in setting political strategy. The Leader will also set time aside to support other candidates on campaigning and political issues. The Leader will normally chair NEC meetings.The Leader heads the party's administration and takes a leading role in setting political strategy.


The Leader will also set time aside to support other candidates on campaigning and political issues. The Leader will normally chair NEC meetings, or will nominate a chair prior to the meeting start. The Leader assists both the Secretary and Treasurer with planning and executing fundraising campaigns.


In the event the Leader position is Vacant, the Board nominates an appropriate elected NEC officer, who for all intents and purposes becomes the Acting Leader.


The Deputy Leader is a Spokesperson role, responsible for participating in interviews, where appropriate, and handling media queries.


The Treasurer is responsible for the party's finances, including membership fees and campaign expenditure, and is legally responsible for making sure that the party complies with the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act (2000). The Electoral Commission's guidance for treasurers provides more details of what the role's legal responsibilities entail. Within the party, the Treasurer is expected to ensure new memberships are processed correctly, as well as to manage and review existing memberships. The Treasurer is also responsible for fundraising, reporting national campaign spending and maintaining party details with the Electoral Commission.


The Nominating Officer is responsible for running internal party elections and managing candidates and campaigns during elections (official responsibilities outlined in the Representation of the People Act 1983), as well as for keeping the NEC up to date with election timetables as released by the Electoral Commission. The Nominating Officer is also expected to assist candidates with completion of nomination forms and other paperwork.


The Secretary acts as the party's Data Controller, responsible for handling stored data and making sure we comply with Data Protection laws. The Secretary also organizes and minutes NEC meetings, and oversees the Secretariat, which manages party-internal communication, including answering to and maintaining the party's membership base. As Data Controller, the Secretary should ensure that the party only collects personal data when necessary; that this data is stored with adequate safeguards; that access to this data is limited; and that members are aware of the party's privacy policy (for which the Secretary is responsible).


All NEC officers are encouraged and expected to support other officers in their roles when possible and appropriate to do so. Any NEC officer requiring assistance in conducting some or all of their duties should inform the NEC at the earliest opportunity.


To meet their responsibilities in relation to the regulation of political parties the NEC must ensure that newly elected officers understand their roles and responsibilities under the law, where applicable, and that they understand their departmental aims and are aware of the resources available to run them. Any officer may be supported in their role by additional non-elected deputies when the need arises and when the resources are available.

Nominations: Closed 1 week 1 day ago
Voting: Open until 24 November, 2017 - 22:00


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