GE2015 Election Analysis

We won 106 votes (0.3% vote share) in Bridgend despite there being very little chance of picking up protest votes with such a diverse array of candidates, of which we had a total of 10. Bridgend is also very much a town or rather a collection of towns and communities, not a city, so we are not used to this volume of choice so any candidate is already at a disadvantage. We were did not field any paper leaflets or use a mailshot in Bridgend so it was entirely a digital and media driven campaign, saving thousands of pounds.

Here is our election analysis

Compared to others in Bridgend

  1. We beat the National Front's 66 votes
  2. We are already in the same league as TUSC, with their 118 votes, perhaps beating them if many of the spoilt ballots featuring Plaid and Pirates both marked were done correctly
  3. We were only 630 votes behind the Greens, who are now a Major Party

Compared to the rest of the UK

1) We beat The Whig Party Leader

  • 103 votes (0.2%) Waleed Ghani in Vauxhall

2) We beat each of the six Class War candidates in vote share and all but one in vote number

  • 53 votes (0.1%) Lisa McKenzie in Chingford
  • 55 votes (0%) Joe Wilcox in Maidenhead
  • 120 votes (0.2%) Andy Bennetts in Lichfield
  • 78 votes (0.2%) Dave Perkins in Sherwood
  • 96 votes (0.2%) David Peel in Norwich South
  • 65 votes (0.1%) Jon Bigger in Croydon South

3) We beat both Young People's Party Candidates

  • 72 votes (0.1%) Dr Rohen Kapur aka Henry Northcott in Folkestone and Hythe
  • 80 votes (0.2%) Mark Wadsworth in Epping Forest

Other comparable achievements

1) We beat the Socialist Equality Party's two candidates in vote share

  • 58 votes (0.2%) Katie Rhodes in Glasgow Central
  • 108 votes (0.2%) David O'Sullivan in Holborn & St Pancras

2) We beat Vaper's in Power's two candidates

  • 49 (0.1%) Liam Bryan in Kingswood
  • 103 (0.3%) Billy Marsden in Barnsley East

We beat the second oldest party, Socialist Party GB's attempt in Wales

  • 49 votes (0.1%) Brian Johnson in Swansea West

We beat the New Independent Centralists Leader

  • 23 votes (0.1%) Roland Courtenay in Kensington

We beat the English Democrats attempt in Wales (unsurprisingly)

  • 100 votes (0.2%) Stephen Morris

We beat Wessex Regionalist's only candidate in vote share

  • 110 votes (0.2%) Colin Roland Bex

We beat U(niversal) Party's only candidate in Hampstead and Kilburn

  • 77 votes (0.1%) Robin Ellison

We beat Progressive Democracy's only candidate in Croydon Central

  • 57 votes (0.1%) Martin Camden

We beat Sustainable Population's only candidate in Maldon in vote share

  • 116 votes (0.2%) John Marett

We beat The Roman Party. Ave's only candidate in Reading West

  • 64 votes Philip West

We beat Republican Socialist Party's only candidate in Bermondsey and Old Southwark

  • 20 votes (0%) Steve Freeman

We beat The Realists' Party's only candidate in Uxbridge and South Ruislip

  • 18 votes (0%) Jane Lawrence

We beat Principles of Politics Party's only candidate in Truro and Falmouth

  • 37 votes (0.1%) Stanley Guffogg

We beat The Pluralist Party's only candidate in Liverpool Walton

  • 23 votes (0.1%) Jonathan Edward Bishop

We beat The New Society of Worth's only candidate in Presli Pembrokeshire

  • 23 votes (0.1%) Rodney Maile

We beat Magna Carta's only candidate in Twickenham

  • 26 votes (0%) David Dean Wedgwood

We beat Independent Political Alliance Party's only candidate in Ribble Valley

  • 56 votes (0.1%) Tony Johnson

We beat The Evolution Party's only candidate in Woking

  • 41 votes (0.1%) Angela Woolford

We beat The Eccentric Party of Great Britain (UK)'s only candidate

  • 50 votes (0.1%) Lord Toby Jug

We beat Democratic's only candidate in Solihull

  • 33 votes (0.1%) Matthew J. Ward

We beat Birthday's only candidate in Wells

  • 81 votes (0.1%) Dave Dobbs

We beat The 30-50 Coalition's only candidate in Bethnal Green and Bow

  • 78 votes (0.1%) Elliot Ball

We beat Restore the Family's only candidate in North Cornwall

  • 52 votes (0.1%) John Allman

We beat Reduce VAT in Sport's only candidate in Witney

  • 56 votes (0.1%) Vivien Inez Saunders

We beat Population Party UK's only candidate in Stretford and Urmston

  • 83 votes (0.2%) Paul Carson

We beat Mainstream's only candidate in Coventry South

  • 86 votes (0.2%) "James" Christopher Rooney

We beat Magna Carta Conservation Party GB's only candidate in Woking

  • 77 votes (0.1%) Ruth Temple

We beat Land Party's only candidate in Witney

  • 35 votes (0.1%) Deek Jackson

We beat Let's Keep it Real's only candidate in vote share in Milton Keynes South

  • 116 votes (0.2%) Matthew Gibson

We beat Hoi Polloi's only candidate in Hornsey and Wood Green

  • 45 votes (0.1%) Geoff Moseley

We beat Give Me Back Elmo's only candidate in Witney

  • 37 votes (0.1%) Bobby Smith

We beat Free Public Transport's only candidate in Stroud

  • 100 votes (0.2%) David Michael

We beat Europeans Party's only candidate in Ealing Central and Acton

  • 39 votes (0.1%) Andrzej Rygielski

We beat Democratic Reform's only candidate in Lewisham Deptford

  • 74 votes (0.2%) Phil Badger

We beat Children of the Atom's only candidate in Shrewsbury and Atcham

  • 83 votes (0.2%) Stirling McNeillie

We beat Campaign's only candidate in Hackney South and Shoreditch

  • 28 votes (0.1%) Gordon Shrigley

We beat Al-Zebabist Nation of Ooog's only candidate in South Thanet

  • 30 votes (0.1%) Robert George Zebadiah Abu-Obadiah

We beat Alter Change's only candidate in Cardiff North

  • 78 votes (0.2%) Shaun Jenkins

Cost Per Vote

We spent £500 on the election in Bridgend, our expenses were a nil return (no expenses or any other monies spent). This puts our 106 votes at a cost of £4.72 each, which is a rather low cost per vote. Data from other parties and candidates on this is limited. We did however operate more efficiently than Something New's candidate James Smith £5.26 cost per vote and were a touch higher than the £4.61 p/v from Paul Robinson.

Naturally our cost per vote is also lower than every candidate we had more votes than, seeing as we had the absolute minimum spend (deposit only).

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