Harley Faggetter

Harley is a Governor of the Board, leader of the London branch and Head of IT. He joined the party as a member in December 2010, having got interested in the party during the Digital Economy Act's passage through Parliament earlier that year. Since then, he's been cajoled and nudged into getting more involved in the party (mostly by Stephen Ogden). His primary goal currently is working with London members getting the London branch on its feet, after having fielded it's first local candidate in Vauxhall's Vassall ward in 2014's local elections, with the aim of standing at least one candidate for GE2015

Harley is a Software QA Engineer by trade, but in his downtime is interested in programming, open source software, PC gaming, and reading. He takes a keen interest in current affairs, using mostly Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ as his news sources, sometimes even making ill-advised comments in the comment sections, because hey, someone is wrong on the internet.