Leaders Office

In our party everyone has an equal say in policy, the forward direction and how things are run. It really is one member one vote. Everyone can contribute. The role of leader is to represent the views of the party to the wider world, be a lead candidate in elections and most importantly to respond to members and voters.

The Leader's Office helps arrange press and events for the Party Leaders and support with research, briefing and outside of the blue sky box thinking.

To book an appointment with our leadership for a talk, panel, debate or to address a demo contact [email protected]

What is the NEC?

The National Executive Committee (NEC) is the executive body of the Pirate Party UK. They handle the general administration of the party, including any legal requirements.

The NEC consists of the Elected Officers – Party Leader, Deputy Leader, and at least three other elected officers (currently we three, a Nominating Officer, Treasurer and Party Secretary). These officers may also appoint members to the NEC but appointed members do not have operational voting rights.

Elections for the NEC must occur no less frequently than every 2 years.

The Pirate Party is fully committed to transparency; that includes information of the Leader 's meetings and costs covered. We also comply with the Leveson report's recommendations on openness about contact with journalists. Details of any declarations or disclosures can be found on their profile pages below.

Here you can view the NEC's Code of Practice.

Here you can view previous members of the NEC.

Here you can view the NEC meetings minutes.


NEC Members

Nominating Officer
Dept Treasurer

Chair of the Board

Chair of the Board

Board Members

Financial Oversight
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