Michael Moriarty


Michael was elected to the Board in July 2015 and at 16 was the youngest person ever to be elected in the Pirate Party. Michael got involved in the Pirate Party as a young person, disillusioned by traditional politics, as well as being someone who was interested in computing and technological affairs for many years. Michael grew up in a left-wing household, with a family who fit in with the Trade Unions movement, and is personally a member of the Woodcraft Folk. He is also a member of the NUJ.

Michael works as a Freelance Journalist and Writer, with a focus on Technology and Esports. This has helped shaped his opinions in poltics, knowing where to place his focuses for political discourse.

In terms of policy, his support is given to Copyright Reform, Civil Liberties, votes at 16, a true Living Wage, Universal Basic Income and higher education without huge costs.


Governor for the Board

Spokesperson for Young People.

Public Key: