All Hands Meeting Minutes, Early-January 2017 Meeting

Wednesday, 4 January, 2017 - 20:30
Adrian Farrel (AF) chair
Harley Faggetter (HF)
Michael Moriarty (MM)
Will Tovey (WT)
Liam Souter (LS)
Stephen Ogden (SO)
Not Present: 
Jack Allnutt (JA)
Andrew Robinson (AR)
Jason Halsey (JH)
Jason Winstanley (JW)
Noah Stride (NS)
Mark Chapman (MC)
David Elston (DE)
Matt Johnson (MJ)


Decisions made since last meeting:



Actions from previous meetings:

Andrew McCallum removed from Board

  • DE update website Board listing:
  • HF to update the mailing list
    • Done
  • AF Send e-mail to notify Andrew McCallum of decision, thank him for his service and let him know how we can return if he wishes.
    • Done (Unknown if received)

WT to e-mail Sam again at some point

  • Laptops, Camera, etc. still need to be pursued (ongoing)

JA make contact with Bex wrt stock and stuff

  • AF take over action from JA
    • Done. Contacted via FB. She has nothing left with her.

HF: Pursue reduction in hosting costs.

  • See agnda item below

SO: Find out what is going on with bank account [I need more bank statements to finish the accounts

  • Action SO: Find out which branch could be usefully visited

DE: Manchester branch status still uncertain.

  • Continue efforts with stress on Manchester branch needing leadership/co-ordination

DE: Minutes missing from website (still)

  • DE and AF to get up-to-date starting with most recent
    • Done back to 28/9/16 and before 9/3/16
    • Should still fill the gap, but less urgent
  • AF will enter new minutes as we go along

DE: Can treasury provide a budget for what we can spend on the up coming local elections

  • DE get costings - on-going - will send after meeting
  • Target four candidates?
  • Cash available subject to spending on IT infrastructure

Kev Young:

  • Press Release
    • DE add to web site
      • Done
    • DE kick KY to send out locally
      • Action scrapped at Kev appears to have resigned
    • Wikipedia
      • Done but...
      • Go back and tweak again if Kev is really gone.

Cameron McInnes Student journo via FB

  • DE to respond to questions (Done)
  • Since then another student (graphics designer) asked for similar and is looking to volunteer in London

HF (and or MC) handle NEC nomination and vote.

  • DE: Need to open nominations!
  • DE happy to be election monitor



IT Plan

New IT Plan has been completed. We are awaiting purchases from finance. DE: Has this been approved? Awaiting answers to questions posed in e-mail some time ago.

Notable points to plan:

  • £250 per month approx current spend which can roughly be halved.
  • Hosting plan should be mostly the same as before in terms of service
  • Side-by-side running needed for a few months, cost £100 per month.
  • Transfer should take 3 months
  • Should be no complications between UK - France law (new 'le servers' will be in France)

Approval given from Treasury for budget

Approval given by Board to proceed


  • No changes to front end, end-user should be unaware
  • Back end understanding has hugely increased
  • Documentation has been created to avoid single points of failure
  • Automation of updates a possible long term goal
  • Latest versions of drupal a part of the migration plan
  • In prep for migration old services have been switched off without issue


Activity Report

DE: Did a blog, social media stuff. Some forum activity. Usual stuff but minor

HF: I made some of our facebook pages a little less shit and point to the right places

MC: Some tweeting type activity...


Any Other Business

1 Collection of people at looks suspect!

  • DE: I have removed people who are no longer members from here. I have also asked new volunteers for info so that I can give them a public facing profile but nothing passed my way as of yet. There are also people on that list who we have not heard from in over 6 months.
  • Ideally add pictures from JW, MJ and NS

2 It is time to put a deputy chair of the Board in place (for when AF isn't here, and to be prepared for 6-12 months down the line)

  • HF elected by Board

3 PPUK meetup survey

4 SO - can you send Harley / I the London branch twitter account login details yes.

  • Done.



Next meeting: 25th Jan 8.30pm

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