All Hands Meeting Minutes, Mid-December 2016 Meeting

Wednesday, 14 December, 2016 - 22:30
Adrian Farrel (AF) [chair]
Harley Faggetter (HF)
Will Tovey (WT)
Not Present: 
Steven Ogden (SO)
Michael Moriarty (MM)
Liam Souter (LS)
Lack Allnutt (JA)
Andrew Robinson (AR)
David Elston (DE)
Jason Halsey (HeadOpener)
Jason 'Termy' Winstanley


Decisions made since last meeting:

As agreed at the last meeting, AF opened a Board vote to declare Andrew McCallum absent. Five votes were received within the 7 day voting period:

  • Adrian Farrel - Yay
  • Harley Faggetter- Yay
  • Andrew Robinson - Yay
  • Stephen Ogden - Yay
  • Michael Moriarty - Yay

This is both a plurality and a majority of the 9 seated Board members. Andrew has been removed as a Board member.

  • DE update website Board listing
  • HF to update the mailing list
  • AF send e-mail to notify Andrew McCallum of decision, thank him for his service and let him know how we can return if he wishes.


Actions from previous meetings:

WT to e-mail Sam to for info on Party laptops

  • Pending

JA make contact with Bex wrt stock and stuff

  • AF take over action from JA

HF: Pursue reduction in hosting costs.

  • IT team is tidying infra to make it easier to deal with
  • Target before Jan invoice
  • Invoice has been sent to new IT volunteers so they have something to work against in terms of new quotes for hosting/traffic etc.
  • IT looking into what technical work is required to reduce known redundant features.

SO: Find out what is going on with bank account

  • SO: To try the work-local branch again
  • WT: Maybe meet up in London and visit a bank

DE: Manchester branch status still uncertain.

  • DE: Contact Maria.
  • DE: Put Wendy and Maria in touch

DE: Minutes missing from website (still)

  • DE and AF to get up-to-date starting with most recent

DE: Can treasury provide a budget for what we can spend on the up coming local elections?

  • DE get costings - on-going
  • WT to let us know about available cash for local elections and sort out a rough budget


Matters Arising

Is Discord working? Can we confirm it as our regular meeting venue?



Activity Report


  • Working on a blog on "Consequences of the IP Bill for You and Your Internet Service Provider". It got too big. Posted as a mag article.
  • Helped to edit Kev's press release. 


  • London meets, badgering IT volunteers.
  • Gave a little bit of advice on London Boundary review


  • Lots of blogs, made some videos
  • Took a stand on Standing Rock issue
  • Helped put together Kev's win press release.


Any Other Business

AF appointed chair of the Board

Kev Young:

  • Status: Has been re-co-opted to Parton Parish Council tonight and appointed chair
  • Pess Release
    • DE add to web site
    • DE kick KY to send out locally
  • Wikipedia updated but witing for a citation

Cameron McInnes

  • Student journalist contacted us via Facebook
  • DE to respond to questions

Jason 'Termy' Winstanley requesting to join NEC as Nominations Officer

  • AP: HF (and or MC) handle NEC nomination and vote



Next meeting: 4th January 20:30 on Discord

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