All Hands Meeting Minutes, Mid-October 2016 Meeting

Wednesday, 12 October, 2016 - 20:30
Will Tovey (WT) chair
Jack Allnutt (JA)
Adrian Farrel (AF)
Not Present: 
Liam Souter (LS)
Andrew McCallum (AM)
Stephen Ogden (SO)
Andrew Robinson (AR)
Michael Moriarty (MM)
Harley Faggetter


Decisions made since last meeting:



Actions from previous meetings:

WT to email Sam again at some point [currently unable to send emails due to SSL problem]

  • Accounts
  • Laptops etc.

JA make contact with Bex and CC wrt stock and stuff

  • Been ill over the past ~month, so no progress made on this yet

WT EC online stuff.

  • All done now. Ready to file accounts.

WT Paypal

  • Called them up on Tuesday
  • Sent off some more documents
  • Will chase them up if no response once email is working again

HF: Get SSL certs to renew automagcally. Did our certs just expire?

HF: Pursue reduction in hosting costs.

WT: Refund SO for servers invoices PLURAL [still have no money access]

AF: Post the Brexit blog and start the discussions

  • No progess

EC renewal due by end of October, need £25.

SO: Find out what is going on with bank account


Matters Arising

WT: Server hosting invoice now overdue.

  • We don't have access to Paypal yet (hopefully next couple of days).
  • No way to pay this other than via the Bank.
  • Also WT doesn't have the details of how much needs paying.


Activity Report



Any Other Business




Date of next meeting: 26th October.

Organisation :