Board Minutes for 28th February 2013

Thursday, 28 February, 2013 - 20:00
Stephen Ogden (SO) - chairing
Craig Garsed (CG)
Liam Dolman (LD)
Peter Brett (PB)
Phil Hunt (PH)
Harley Faggetter (HF)
Ed Geraghty (EG)
Sam Clark (SC)
Will Tovey (WT)
Andrew Robinson (AR)
Not Present: 
Jack Allnutt (JA)
Leanne Ainsworth (LA)
Gavin Meredith (GM)
Phil Cooke (PC)

Status of quorum


Decisions taken since last meeting

Votes on ML

A. Re-Open Nominations (PH) Insert after 9.2: "In elections that elect one candidate, Re-open Nominations ("RON") will be included as a separate candidate. If RON wins, the election is held again, without RON the second time." Insert after 9.2: "In elections that elect more than one candidate, a separate question will be asked of the electorate: do you want to Re-open nominations? If most voters vote to do so, the election is held again (without RON the second time)."

B. Re-Open Nominations (PB) Insert after 9.18: "In single winner ERS97 STV elections, an additional 'Re-Open Nominations' candidate will be included. If the 'Re-Open Nominations' candidate is elected, the election process will be immediately restarted." Insert after 9.18: "In multiple winner ERS97 STV elections, an additional question will be included on the ballot paper: 'Re-Open Nominations?', with 'Yes' or 'No' as answers. If a simple majority of voters vote 'Yes', the election process will be immediately restarted."

C. Board Elections (PB) Replace 9.2 with: "The following elected position(s) must use the ERS97 STV electoral process with 12 winners: Governor." Replace 9.17 with: "When one of the following elected positions is vacant outside of the normal election times an election process for the position will be held following the rules in Section 9: Party Leader, Treasurer, Campaigns Manager, Nominating Officer, and Party Secretary." Insert after 9.17: "When 6 or more of the following elected positions of Governor are vacant outside of the normal election times, an election process for all 12 positions of Governor will be held following the rules in Section 9." Insert after 9.17: "These extra-ordinary procedures should ordinarily begin within 30 days of the position(s) becoming vacant."

A: 4 votes to reject. This is a majority of 7 and of 6 Governors, and so the vote is a clear rejection.
B: 4 votes to proceed. This is a majority of 7 and of 6 Governors, and so the vote is a clear pass.
C: 3 votes to proceed and 1 abstention. This is not a majority of 7 nor 6 Governors, and so this does not pass.

CoP amendment (SO)

Change: Seven (7) voting Governors are required for a quorum. A decision by the majority of those present is binding. Votes are decided via a plurality, a voting requirement of more ballots cast for a proposition than for any other option.

To: The number of Governors required for a quorum is half (rounded down) of the number of current Governors plus 1. A decision by the majority of those present is binding. Votes are decided via a plurality, a voting requirement of more ballots cast for a proposition than for any other option.

Failed to reach sufficient votes in required timeframe. 

Actions from the last ordinary meeting

  • AP FA: to amend CoP accordingly DONE
  • AP EG: Contact CM and ask if he would like to document internal processes DONE
  • AP WT: to email secretariat asking if they would like to contact the Electoral Commission on [incorporating the party] or would be happy for WT to do so. IN PROGRESS
  • AP SO: resend preliminary timeline DONE
  • AP: PB to initiate mailing list votes on 6th February. DONE
  • AP SO: doodle next meeting DONE

Welcome new Governors

  • Jack Allnutt (re-elected)
  • Liam Dolman
  • Craig Garsed
  • Harley Faggetter
  • Sam Clark


AP SO: stuff for CoP on this sort of stuff

AP SO: inform relevent people relevent stuff

BPI/Proxy panel progress (AR, PB, WT, & PH)

Need a new member on panel to replace FA

SC volunteered to join panel.

Volunteer from panel members to co-ordinate the panel and be contact to feedback on progress.

SC volunteered to coordinate panel.

AP: Panel members to get SC up to speed.

AP: LD to update list of members who have requested VONC in NEC members.

Constitutional amendment processes

Volunteer to lead on this? When there is a final process, could I have a copy for the procedure doc?- Leanne

AP: HF to lead on this

AP: SO to assist

AP: PB to re-propose Board elections amendment on mailing list.

Progress on Board Plans and Priorities

New Govs should refer to Further work needs to be done to determine plans and priorities.

re suggested Volunteer coordination: who will help with this?

  • need to understand one or more areas of Party work (if you don't, good chance to remedy this)
  • need to approach volunteers and find which area they want to work in
  • need to proactively coordinate work between volunteers and those in charge of those areas until volunteers no longer need help

suggested volunteer areas:

  • Press - finding/maintaining contacts
  • Press - article research
  • Press - writing copy
  • Press - managing release cycle
  • Campaigns - Design
  • Campaigns - Content
  • Campaigns - Local
  • Campaigns - Events
  • Campaigns - Candidates
  • Campaigns - Coordination
  • Campaigns - Newsletter
  • Campaigns - nightly 'get in touch' emails
  • Nominations team - regional support for candidates and elections agents
  • Nominations - working with IT team to improve internal election and member communication systems
  • Nominations - General
  • Nominations - Election/Vote Monitoring
  • Treasury - finance
  • Leader's Office - help with internal and external communications
  • Leader's Office - research policy
  • Policy team - coordinating amendment procedures to current policy positions
  • IT Team - Code
  • IT Team - Other
  • Research - General
  • Research - Legal
  • Secretariat - Administration

Some preliminary thoughts and guidance (with much help from Andy Halsall) on how this might work is available at

PB: Important to remember oversight role of board: getting too "chummy" with NEC would inhibit ability of Board members to execute effective oversight. But also, need to have some people directly involved in order to effectively keep tabs on what's going on.

EG: Gave himself as example of having to recuse himself from BPI/Proxy panel. He feels able to provide proper oversight, but also important to provide appearance of effective oversight to outsight observers.

SO: The main shortage is of people getting involved -- maybe balance is not in the right place at the moment.

Access to Board meetings

Advertise board meetings to members so they can drop in and observe if they wish?

AP PB: propose CoP amendment to mailing list about announcing Board meetings to members when date/time finalised


LD: Old board members still have access to wiki/forum.

AP LD: remove unnecessary wiki/forum permissions

AP LD chase up on this.

PB: What is status of proposed constitution amendments passed to NEC?

SO: (No response in meeting due to connection issues)

AP HF/SO to hassle NEC.

AP SO: doodle next meeting

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