NEC Minutes for 17th September 2015

Thursday, 17 September, 2015 - 20:30
Cris Chesha (CC) - Party Leader
David Elston (DE) - Deputy Leader
Rebecca Rae (RR) - Campaigns Officer
George Walkden (GW) - Nominating Officer
Not Present: 
Sam Clark (SC) - Treasurer

Area Updates

Leader's Office

Last Period

CC apologized that it had been a bit slow after a four-week break, but the ball seemed to be rolling again. He noted that there has been a lot of talk around Jeremry Corbyn recently, which has made it tough to break through.

CC did a blog post about Jeremy Corbyn/Tom Watson, which has already generated some conversation and got good coverage.

CC, DE, and MC did a press release about the FOI consultation today - directing people to the 38 Degrees petition, etc. This got some good coverage and was a fast turnaround. All agreed that it was good to know that we're back on form after a quiet few weeks; the PR was produced in around 45 minutess. We also need to do a response to the consultaion by close of play tomorrow. RR suggested that we could look into some sort of bigger campaign around crowdfunding. CC suggested that we don't really have the resource to do this, so maybe we can pass the ideas to Wendy Cockcroft to take to 38 Degrees.

CC reported on the Manchester meet up this week, which was small, with only 4 attendees, but this was because of confusion over handover. CC will take this back on for next time.

Edward Richmond needs resources to set up the Hull society, and will advertize on the site or the forum. Resource swap: ER will be asked to put together a guide and a pack and we can swap for promo. 

  • //ACTION: DE to discuss society with ER; Organise for ER to get some resource in return for making notes, etc to create a "pack" for people wanting to set up a new branch.
  • //ACTION: CC to finally sign off and post arbitration/forum moderation guidelines - amended with sin bin info. DE and RR agree it sounds good.- COMPLETE
  • //ACTION: CC to post community post on trolling, as necessary - Wendy interested in forum moderator - COMPLETE
  • //ACTION: CC to finish new member "bootstrap" page - COMPLETE
  • //ACTION: DE to get some stuff for Adrian done in terms of Deputy Treasurer role - COMPLETE - DE has asked SC to provide AF with PayPal access (read only), and a work instruction has been given

Week Ahead

  • //ACTION: CC to get in touch with media contacts passed on by Loz and do proactive introductions
  • //ACTION: CC, RR to look at pad and take tasks under own name
  • //ACTION: ALL, dependent on above: remaining tasks to be divided between NEC members
  • //ACTION: CC - Talk to SW about setting up a wiki
  • //ACTION: DE - Campaigns stuff - to write a piece about the Liberal Democrat and Green Party conference, will be done by the 24th
  • //ACTION: DE to write Lib Dem/Green Party piece (one before next meeting, one after)
  • //ACTION: DE to chase Data Protection forms with remaining Governors - ONGOING
  • //ACTION: CC to source sticker design and touch base with SC about T-shirt designs (SC likes D2 and D3C best) - ONGOING
  • //ACTION: CC to pass login details for T-shirt shop to SC and repurpose "CC T-shirt shop" to more general PPUK shop.
  • //ACTION: DE to contact Andrew McCallum - check with Mark
  • //ACTION: DE: Check with randomer to be election monitor and get back to GW
  • //ACTION: CC to check existing media cache for reusable stuff from GE - no real useful stuff, need more SVG
  • //ACTION: CC to get listserv access  - to look at who is on what, because at the minute, volunteers are going through to "webformvolunteers" email, and no one knows who the recipients are. All lists need reviewing.
  • //ACTION: DE & CC to write response to FOI consultation - Deadline 18/9
  • //ACTION DE to discuss setting up a society with ER; Organize for ER to get some resource in return for making notes, etc to create a "pack" for people wanting to set up a new branch. 


Last Period

  • //ACTION: CC to design and source T-shirts, posters, stickers, flags (contact SC for suppliers) - DONE

Week Ahead

SC absent - all carried over

  • //ACTION: SC to set up and distribute TINC info to Pirates so we can network together and share content for vlogs, etc. (URGENT)
  • //ACTION: SC and RR to look at "vacancies" web site pages and see if they can add some stuff about interns and make it more prominent (not a priority)
  • //ACTION: SC to share boilerplate video content so RR and CC can use it for vlogs
  • //ACTION: SC to formally ask AF to be Deputy Treasurer
  • //ACTION: SC to look at getting self-hosted solution for crowdfunding - team up with RR (medium term)
  • //ACTION: Fundraising meeting with SC, RR and Bilal (medium term)
  • //ACTION: DE to write work instruction for AF regarding low-level Treasury stuff.
  • //ACTION: SC and AF to scout smaller banks.
  • //ACTION: CC and SC to go to the bank (week on Friday) to remove Loz and add CC.
  • //ACTION: SC to PayPal SW some money.
  • //ACTION: SC to pass CC details of the T-shirt provider that has been used in the past.
  • //ACTION: JA to contact Andrew Robinson for PEF.
  • //ACTION: SC to pass expenses details to Board financial oversight committee.
  • //ACTION: AC to provide AF read only access to paypal


Last Period

GW sends apologies - all carried over

Week Ahead

  • //ACTION: GW: NEC elections due in a few months. Election monitors will be due. George will free up some time to set up the election soon.
  • //ACTION: GW: Board election is due from Alix stepping down. Timetable will be set in motion. Two election monitors needed, one of whom isn't an existing NEC or Board member.
  • //ACTION: GW: Update website texts to clarify seconding/nominations works


Last Period

//ACTION: RR to get campaign stats for #10yearsinthebrig - needs to be set up in advance, so not going to work. Also, the tool is not free any more. - DONE

Week Ahead

  • //ACTION: RR to start and communicate about podcast - calendared with CC and RR. Need to email out and see if people are up for joiing us. CC has sourced some equipment for recording (lapel mics, etc). DE to record a segment about some stuff.
  • //ACTION: RR Work on Tory conference ideas (OCT) - there is a pad
  • //ACTION: RR Look at contacting external orgs for the Tory conf (Mcr) - ORG, 38 Degrees, People's Assembly, ... - pad exists, we need ideas in there ASAP. It's next weekend, so we really need to get some action asap
  • //ACTION:  JA Talk like a Pirate day (SEP) - get tweets out from all the Pirate accounts - pull out policies and go "This is how a pirate talks, harrr  harr harr"
  • //ACTION RR to schedule some posts
  • //ACTION: website navigation update - CARRIED OVER  
  • //ACTION: ALL Define roles - needs to happen within campaigns, too.
  • //ACTION: RR: Get a design volunteer/ sound editing volunteer/ web content person volunteer - long term - ONGOING 
  • //ACTION: RR Trial Kanban with team - ongoing, required IT buyin. RR has been trying one out, will be meeting with the team in 2 weeks so will pick back up then.
  • //ACTION: Labour conf (SEP) - same as per Tory conf; we need to get some activist involvement if possible - Brighton.
  • //ACTION: RR Add events to website/ facebook/ promo - ONGOING
  • //ACTION: TTIP??? - RR to contact Rachid. - CARRIED OVER
  • //ACTION: RR to liaise with Bilal about fundraising -- ONGOING, RR has started a conversation
  • //ACTION: SW/CC to pull together an OwnCloud calendar
  • //ACTION: RR to head up diversity team and look for other members -- ONGOING
  • //ACTION: RR to email volunteers (the ones that Wendy has shortlisted) and try to get some support - ONGOING
  • //ACTION: RR to look at local press lists generally - ONGOING

Date of Next Meeting

Next meeting Thursday 1st October, 8.30pm.

Any Other Urgent Business