NEC minutes for 19th June 2015

Friday, 19 June, 2015 - 20:30
George Walkden (GW) - Nominations/Interim Leader
Sam Clark (SC) - Treasurer
Phil Cooke (PC) - Board
Rebecca Rae (RR)
Cris Chesha (CC)
David Elston (DE) - Board
Andrew Norton (AN) - Board Chairman

Matters Arising

Fundraiser setup still ongoing (SC). SC to obtain permission to check Will's Campaigns emails. Office move is ongoing - SC and CC.

Wendy Cockcroft is now in post as volunteer co-ordinator and existing lists have been transferred to her.

SC has given DE and CC access to PayPal.

Area Updates

Leaders' Office

SC finished filming Democracy Live TV segment. Ed Richmond to give an interview on Hull Radio. GW to forward email correspondence to Andrew N. CC has given an interview on Design Council/digital democracy.


NEC/Board elections: all in hand. Candidates for all NEC positions except Secretary. Board discussion on RON issues with Board nominations.


Friday August 7th - Deadline for campaigns return to EC. SC to set up fundraiser. So far no bank account with debit and credit card. We need this, before Sam steps down. New NEC need to be involved in going into the bank. CC suggests prepaid card - but potentially there are charges. 







Automated payments being fixed is of high priority. Concerns over amount of time it takes to approve and check payments. Inevitably some payments are getting missed. Bitcoin to be automated in the future.


NEC Jobs List

SC: Suggested we need something written down along the lines of legacy role descriptions which might be useful for discussion when new NEC elected. Agreed to raise this when new NEC is in post.



Ways to encourage our less represented demographics to come forward discussed.



EVERYONE - Look to push the fundraiser when it comes out (SC will let all know)

SC - Check Will's Campaigns emails for anything we might have missed

PC - Dig out email policy

EVERYONE - NEC "contract" - to be revisited when new NEC in post

SC - Keep on top of office move

GW - Check with Wendy if she has Ed's Volunteer spreadsheet

SC - Get member numbers to Mark

SC/Steve Wlison - Get automated payments fixed

PC - Add incompatible organizations list to website


Any other (urgent) business

Who is allowed to be a member, according to the Constitution? Good standing issue for seconders.


Date of next meeting

Thursday 2nd July