NEC minutes for 24th June 2014

Tuesday, 24 June, 2014 - 20:30
Loz Kaye (LK) - Leader
Andy Halsall (AH) - Campaigns
Ed Geraghty (EG) - Secretary
Sam Clark (SK) - Treasurer
Jim - Treasury Volunteer
Jack Allnutt (JA) - Board/Deputy Campaigns
Stephen Ogden (SO) - Board
Andrew Norton (AN) - Board
Peter Brett (PB) - Board

Matters Arising

  • LK to send a copy of the roll to Nominations - CARRY FORWARD
  • Nominations to contact MCTR ESU about data formats for Electoral Roll
    • LK to direct JA to:
    • Speak to Mctr ESU
    • Pass roll to AH - 2 Weeks
  • LK to liase with JA about ESU and MCTR Roll updates. - see above
  • SC to initiate EC paperwork - To be finished tonight (13th June) - DONE
  • LK/EG to sort out EC paperwork and return within 7 days- To be finished tonight (13th June) - DONE
  • AH to look at Migration script and talk to Steve Wilson - EG written framework do to this, in SW's hands
  • LK to mail RP4 to EG, EG to mail completed (bar Treasury) RP-4 to SC - DONE
  • SC to mail completed RP-4 to EC - DONE (SC TO CONFIRM AND EMAIL NEC)
  • LK to contact Sam (@samscam) about candidacy and pass on to AH - DONE


Previous Minutes



Leader's Office

Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

All focus has been on locals rather than leadership - ready to crack back into leadership work from Thursday (26th June)

Locally: working on planning issues, Manchester Branch meet



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

Wrigleys Solicitors have informed us we should have at least public liability insurance, if not employers' liability insurance as volunteers could be classed as employees.  SC is ringing various brokers but having difficulty as no-one wants to insure a political party

SC has chosen a Ruby on Rails Developer for Policy Beta - Matt Hall.  SC to liase with him.

The party now has a VAT number, we're due over £2,000 refund from HMRC

Next meeting with Wrigleys pushed back to the week after originally intended; probably Weds 9th, 10am in Sheffield

Opening new Co-op account, closed old Co-op account application as Jason and Sephy were still on it and still hadn't submitted ID.  Co-op hadn't added EG's ID to the application for some reason - for now, opening the in SC's name (to get it open) and will then add everyone else to it

PPI - bank account opening failed, SC considers it to be dead and finished.

SC needs pozible postage receipts from LK

Rebuilding accounts for VAT purposes - needed to re-do this year's accounts in sage, but now have a proper VAT return - need VAT receipts

Next week busy - next big thing will be in-house fundraising

Pozible reward update: a few more to go before the end of the month

//ACTION: LK to get pozible postage receipts to SC

//ACTION: AH to send Government Gateway code to SC

//ACTION: LK AH and SC to square away pozible rewards



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

Had the finalisation meeting for timelines for Policy Beta with EG and SC - timeline is in place now.  Feeling much better about it now.

Spoken to SC briefly about incoming.  Now we're due a VAT return, got a re-quote on membership packs (cards, postcards etc) - wanting an additional option on membership with goodies.  Cost will be £308 (ex. VAT) for 400 packs, including return envelopes with further membership applications

EG asks about packs for existing members; AH says it should be possible to set up to buy a pack for older members

Party probably needs a freepost address

Maybe have yearly membership card design competitions - will help get people involved and also allows for only a small stock to be kept on hand

LK asks about who would be responsible for sending out the packs, AH says SC knows who has paid so it makes the most sense - SC tentatively agrees

SC suggests moving all correspondence to a PO Box - AH agrees but points out it would need regular checking

Have the postcards, which we can get printed in small batches, should deal with the ongoing problem of "what do we have outside of elections"

LK asks about Tom Watson's EDM - AH suggests talking after the meeting - LK wants to make sure it happens

Still need to work out spending potential for the year


International meet between UK/US/AUS/CAN/NZ: (Minutes: will happen every two weeks or so - Saturdays midnight UK time

PPAU had discussed online GA options with PPI, they stress the online aspect needs to be better

We're looking to cooperate more closely with the Anglophone parties, these meetings should make that easier

Brendan (PPAU) is drafting a letter to PPI - the main gist is if PPI can't get online stuff working properly, there is no real point.  AH says it may be sensible to add our weight to it, depending on content.

AH's view on PPI's failure to set up the bank account is it was entirely due to PPI not listening to advice given by AH and SC - since they have not acted on any of the support we have given, we will withdraw offer of support.  We ave made a serious effort, and we have had no steps forward and maybe some steps back.

LK states we have wasted enough.  AH says that we have done everything we were asked to and more in the membership vote, the failing is not on our side and we need to make that clear to our membership.  For the record, AH didn't want to waste anybody's time on this either.

//ACTION: AH to send round costs, suggested text and designs for postcards



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

Ed informed the NEC that he was still dealing with inbound contacts and that he had noted an increase in the amount of actively interested volunteers outside of the election period, as a bonus the return rate from the initial email is now higher.  It is notable that we receive more contact back in from new volunteers.  Also dealing with Spam/Comments on the site.

//ACTION: AH to direct contact form to secretariat



  • LK to get pozible postage receipts to SC
  • AH to send Government Gateway code to SC
  • LK AH and SC to square away pozible rewards
  • AH to send round costs, suggested text and designs for postcards
  • AH to direct contact form to secretariat


Date of Next Meeting

26th June - due to close proximity, no area update needed unless serious stuff has arisen.


Any Other Urgent Business

Nominations for Nomination Officer must open by Sunday, 29th June 2014

Need to get a resignation/vacancy post out, then a post out for the opening of the poll

Need to put a poll up; AH happy to do it, or can put someone else through how to do it - there is no conflict of interest with AH doing it.  AH needs to go through the process with election monitors

Need to do it Friday this week, ending it on a Sunday after the minimum period - need a schedule of reminder emails.

LK asks if we can address the failures of the way we have dealt with this in prior calls out - the position may not be the most thrilling thing in the world, but coming into a General Election, it is an important one.  AH says that this is a good time since having come out of the Euros we know what was done well, what could have been done with the role which hasn't in the past - with the rise of branches etc

LK wants to see someone with some substance coming forward - because we're still a new party, we need to ask people to demonstrate something they've done administratively successfully - in the past it has been a real shock to people, which is why we have lost them.

AH: one of the good things two years ago was people could come in and shape the role - getting people who want to do stuff with the role would be great (much like EG and SC are doing with their respective roles)


The duration of the nominations period must be no less than 14 days, and no more than 31 days. (27th June + 14 days = Friday, 11th July 2014)

Campaigning must remain open for no less than 7 days and normally no more than 31 days. (11th July + 7 days = Friday, 18th July 2014)

Voting must remain open for no less than 7 days and normally no more than 31 days. (18th July + 7 days = Friday, 25th July 2014)

Deal with deputy leader this Thursday's meeting