NEC minutes for 27th March 2014

Thursday, 27 March, 2014 - 20:30
Loz Kaye (LK) - Leader
Jason Winstanley (JW) - Nominations
Sephy Hallow (SH) - Deputy Leader
Andy Halsall (AH) - Campaigns
Sam Clark (SK) - Treasurer
Jack Allnutt (JA) - Deputy Campaigns
Andrew Norton (AN) - Press
Ed Geraghty (EG) - Secretary

Matters Arising

  • EG to update NEC when that goes out (Ruby programmers) // NOT DONE

  • JW to copy AH into the officer registration form documents for Deputy // Obsoleted

  • LK/SH to write Leader's update // To be combined into new update and put out via weekly newsletter

  • SO to help organise the London element with NEC support  //AH to follow up with SO


Previous Minutes



Leader's Office

Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

The big focus over the last week has been writing a lot of text for NWP and getting that up to scratch.   We'll come to that.  Other than that the office has been working on campaigning for the European and Local elections in Manchester.  Part of that was speaking at a debate (which he won).

LK has also been working with the European Candidates.

LK was also at a meeting yesterday with the NW region elections people - the candidates and agents briefings.  //ACTION LK to talk to JW about the NW region paperwork and nominations.

LK would like to take a moment to say that being at the briefing made it very clear that the relationship with returning officers is important.  The election is very complicated and having their support for ensuring that we have everything sorted is important.

SH has been in touch with JW to update him on the NEC and helped with some of the elements he was asked to deal with.  SH also passed information to LK for NWP.

SH also had an article out with Sex and Censorship on site blocking.  SH is also working on a new blog post for the party site.



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

SC apologised for his absences recently due to other commitments. This will be reducing over the next week.

SC has completed the accounts and will producing a SOA shortly.

SC is also going to get back together with EG and WT on incorporation.

On policy beta, SC will be working with EG to get a development server sorted.

AH asked about finances with Lancaster - SC stated that he had now managed to deal with that the money is with us.

AH asked about NWP emails and bitcoin.

SC asked NEC members who still had to to drop into a coop with their details

SC noted he'd seen the orders and that they have been received

//ACTION AH and SC to collaborate on web mails.
//SH and JA to go into a coop branch with 2 forms of ID ASAP


Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

JA went to the PPEU founding conference; neither AH nor JA have changed their minds on PPEU (surprise)//JA to put together an overview for NEC

AH to speak to SO about local candidate in London, potentially have to ratify candidate via NEC if London cannot do so

EU campaign at the top of AH's agenda

AH has asked LH and JA to get together with EU candidates to discuss election

AH will be making a film for EU campaigns- everybody welcome to join in.

3 new volunteers since NWP launch (everyone say yay)

Report back on the PPEU Conference

JA reported back on PPEU conference.

2 sec.. there was a dramatic pause as Jack prepared himself to give his report.

Last Thursday and Friday I was in Brussels, [Saigon] for the PPEU founding and the 'Greens-EFA' conference on Internet governance and beyond.  There were interesting speeches from Amelia Andersdotter, Julia Reda (lead candidate for PPDE) and Rick Falkvinge.
On the Friday PPEU was officially founded and board members elected.  Amelia is chairperson for PPEU, Martina Posner (PPDE) is a vice-Chair.  Gregory Engels is not on the board.

PPEU decided to nominate two people as candidates for the post of EU Commission President, which will be elected by the parliament in June.  Those candidates are Peter Sunde and Amelia Andersdotter - This was intended as a PR move - although there are no EN language report on this bar TorrentFreak, although German and Swedish press picked it up.

Otherwise, the PPEU founding went fairly smoothly.  Julia (& team) handled it brilliantly, hopefully that is an indication of how PPEU will be handled, it is encouraging.

As far as the conference afterward was concerned, JA suggests that we look at the video from the event.  Netwar vs Netpeace with Jacob Applebaum was incredibly explosive and recommended. As was the TTIP panel, where there is a good indication of how the other side views it.  

Networking was useful.  JA spoke to PP from Sweden, Greece, Slovenia, Finland, Catalonia etc.. and all seemed to be going well. 

There are lots of problems that parties have, and it is good to share those issues.  JA now has some better contacts and someone to pass to EG about policy Beta.

JA feels that PPUK should now look at join PPEU at the earliest opportunity (possibly only as an observer member), but we could join with the first batch (of observer members). As to missing out on PR, JA feels we might have gotten some press if we had joined.  
Speaking with mab afterwards, and the UK position, like materials and the CEEP he reiterated that mab's position was about press and money (both things that the Pirates could use). JA feels that it could help us and others in Europe.

JA would like to make the recommendation that the UK party join PPEU and share in the successes.  JA feels that the stewardship shows that it won't be a PPI and it won't suffer from the same issues.  SC stated that he had watched the livestream and that it did look very good and very professional.

LK asked when we would realistically look at this again.  LK said he thought at the earliest it would be after the European Elections.  On PR, LK pointed out that as far as the Swedes are concerned, they would continue to work with the Green group and LK would like to commit to that too.  

JA responded - WRT to the groups and political parties at European level are quite confusing.  But people looking at the EU know about this. PPEU isn't a group in the EU parliament.  The Swede's EFA will likely remain the place for Pirate MEPs.  JA made it clear that if he were elected he would join the Green EFA group, and feels that the other EU candidates would likely take the same position.

AN pointed that for a group, we would require 25 MEPs from 7 countries and that a PPEU requires MEPs, national or regional MPs or assembly members from 25% of EU states or 3% in EU elections across the EU.

AH asked about PPEU being a full party - JA stated that no, PPEU still needs 5 additional countries with members to be recognised by the EP.

LK thanked JA for reporting back and stated it was the right thing that JA went. LK stated that he felt that we had to look at this again, but suggested that in practical terms we would look at it after the European Elections.  There is a massive difference between now and post 22nd May - when things may be very different.  We need to be clear as to whether its a concrete party or an aspirational organisation. LK felt it would be aspirational for a while yet.

LK is heading to Sweden shortly and is happy to talk to others about it.



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

(Sent by email prior to the meeting)

Sorry for the late notice, something has come up and I won't be back until well gone nine. If the meeting is still going when I get back, I'll join you for the rest of it. I'll be available by email if needed.

No real update from me; after a crap Q1, I'm back on it and will continue much as before. I need to catch up with Sam over incorporation, and also on Policy Beta. We will need to figure out when all our bunched up emails go out, I still have a leader's update which needs to be interweaved, I need to write and push out an update to the membership and we still have an email or two about elections. After a period of inactivity, I don't want to flood the membership and I realise this is down to me. Can I please get an indication of known emails still to go, as well as relative urgency, so I can properly plan?

Loz, you and I probably need to catch up again, can you indicate when will be convenient in the next few days? I am due to be in the PPUKSSLHQ this weekend, which should make things easier.

Andy, I would like to get my thanks to you minuted for driving NWP to final fruition. It's all up from here on out.



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

The BOG period is now up on NWP at 1800 yesterday. So far no candidates have put themselves forward.

JW has contacted the candidates who nominated themselves last time and passed them the details for noms on NWP

JW has sent nominations packs to EU candidates and had George's back, but not Maria's or Jack's

Paperwork will be complete well in advance of the deadlines (15th April and 24th April).

JW asked about payment - LK pointed out that cheques couldn't be paid, but would pass on the details for treasury to make payment.

//ACTION - Chase nominations papers for EU.

//ACTION - AR - and JW to go over the election platform.

//ACTION - AH to set up election monitor access


New Web Project (NWP)

1077 issues between release and roll-out - all fixed!

Steve Wilson worked really darned hard

AH no longer has to "work like a gimp"

People are using NWP - Please use the site/blog, learn how it works

Press Team to be trained on how to use NWP

AH acknowledges platform is very different, people need training, credentials will not be handed out until people are trained, to avoid major embarrassments

Newsletters are not available atm, nor are agendas - fixes to come soon

Anonymous comments now allowed

NWP met all requirements - no cookies, no tracking, allows privacy, works better than the old site

AH is very happy and may now cure his insomnia

JW would like details of previous external elections to put on NWP

LK and AH to put together details on previous external elections

AH to speak to JW on Tuesday (11th) about external elections and putting stuff together

Hard launch of NWP will occur on Friday 28th (am) and we will put out releases etc.. with that.

AH - Quick additional note - is up and running, this is where the old mailer and forums are accessible //ACTION  AH to talk to SC about NWP's impact on membership after the meeting

SC asked about old membership system



//AH to follow up with SO on UK candidates.

//ACTION - Chase nominations papers for EU from candidates

//ACTION - AN - and JW to go over the election platform.

//ACTION - AH to set up election monitor access for monitors

//ACTION - JA to put together an overview for NEC omn PPEU conf

//ACTION - AH and SC to collaborate on web mails.

//ACTION LK to talk to JW about the NW region paperwork and nominations.

//ACTION  EG to update NEC when that goes out (Ruby programmers)

//ACTION LK/SH to write Leader's update // To be combined into new update and put out via weekly newsletter

//SH and JA to go into a coop branch with 2 forms of ID ASAP


Date of Next Meeting

03 March 2014


Any Other Urgent Business

Report on PPEU conference from Jack Allnutt. (In the relevant section)