NEC minutes for 2nd July 2015

Thursday, 2 July, 2015 - 20:30
George Walkden (GW) - Nominations/Interim Leader
Sam Clark (SC) - Treasurer
Steve Wilson (SW)
Cris Chesha (CC)
Andrew Norton (AN)

Matters Arising

Fundraiser, now using Crowdfunder, is almost ready to go. NEC contract and role descriptors to be revisited after new NEC are in post. Office move is complete, and bills have been settled to both parties' satisfaction. Membership/PayPal: new customers are working, but there is a backlog of problematic cases, including those signed up using the old PayPal.

Area Updates

Leader's Office

GW and Andrew Robinson put together copy for a comment on a piece by Business Insider. This piece was about copyright harming the economy.

South Lanarkshire by election due - Andrew McCallum wants to stand. NEC agrees that Andrew seems OK, but it was raised that we don't know him too well as he's a brand new member.

SC talking about wanting to be selected as candidate for MCR Central ward. SC will talk with Manchester Branch to get official ratification. NEC happy with this too.

GW and Mark Chapman emailing all ESUs to get updates on when a by-election is about to happen. Should help us respond quickly to good opportunities where we have people.


Soon to push the button on fundraiser.


Internal elections going smoothly. Issue of email subscriptions raised, will happen before next NEC meet - Discussed and think that it is acceptable to email all members with important stuff, like going to vote in whole NEC elections (usually only 1/2 per year)





Internal Knowledgebase

Discussed possible internal Wiki (will leave till new NEC); all agreed that it was much better way of managing large amounts of info.

IT and website

Discussion of single point of failure with IT team. GW will be password list holder and someone from the Board will have password for list. GW to get onto Wendy C for volunteers for Web Content Manager and Web Backend (but there is no rush). New NEC to discuss IT and web goals.


EVERYONE - Look to push the fundraiser when it comes out (SC will let all know)

SC - Check Will's email box

GW - to check with PC on actions from previous meeting

CC - to get in touch with Archibald Sr for postal address for the Scottish printer (possibly for temporary use by Loz)

SC - to get PO Box for party.


CC - do the big reminder email to all members

CC - update T&C and privacy policy to represent possibility of urgent member emails

GW - Get onto Wendy C to get volunteers for Web Content Manager and Web Backend (but there is no rush)

Any Other (Urgent) Business


Date of next meeting

Thursday 9th, 18:30