NEC minutes for 2nd October 2014

Thursday, 2 October, 2014 - 20:30
Loz Kaye (LK) - Leader
Sam Clark (SC) - Treasurer
Ed Geraghty (EG) - Secretary
Andy Halsall (AH) - Campaigns
Stephen Ogden (SO) - Governor & Social Media
Jack Allnutt (JA) - Deputy Campaigns

Matters Arising

  • SC to update about public/employer's liability brokerage stuff - ONGOING
  • SC Email round with conference options and open bidding - Push out to informal option at the mill at beginning of 2015
  • SC/EG/AN to get heads together about a competition for designing posters/material and placing the volunteers - After office/volunteer - CARRY FORWARD
    • SC and AH will be getting a small poster run done this week
  • Put together branch starter document by the end of the month (LK to lead with branch support) - EG to come up to Manchester for physical meet - CARRY FORWARD
  • SC - Get fundraising timetable emailed round NEC - To contact SW
  • SC - Talk with SW about financial needs and get a plan together for server retirement - DONE
  • ALL - Devise program to get volunteers placed in the correct place - Discussed at physical NEC
  • ALL - Look at pad and try to help with what applies to you - DONE
  • EG & LK to Ping-pong on Volunteer stuff when physically meeting - DONE
  • EG to [GPG encrypted] email list of new volunteers at the end of this meeting to the NEC - DONE
  • SC to talk with the mill about whether we have any availabilities at weekends - Feb 2015 / SC to talk with Verity (RE: conf in Feb 2015) - fine, but need to confirm exact dates - to confirm this week
  • LK to check with Rochdale ESU over noms closing (see above def. Tues) - DONE
  • EG/AH to do another "do you want to stand" push on site - Text done
    • EG asks about community.ppuk - need to get ducks in a row tomorrow and work out what we push
  • AH to make NEC calendar and share it between all of the NEC - DONE (SC to add more users - AH/SC to add tasks)
  • EG to add dates/tasks to calendar - Covered in previous point (Done, to migrate)
  • SC to write a thing on conference - Once we decide on firm date, then it will get written
  • LK to write a thing on party conferences - DONE
  • EG Disseminate DPA - To do by the end of this week
  • SC to report on status to NEC - Duplicate
  • LK to send Manchester press contacts - DONE
  • SC to send out returns to LK - DONE
  • SC to produce a list of prices of printed materials for branches - not urgent, CARRY FORWARD
  • Treasury to release regular updates to the branches of what liquid money can be spent on them for events- NO NEED TO BE ON HERE, JUST DO IT
  • EG to push ToS to the site - GET IN PLACE BY WEEKEND
  • EG to email non-filled out detailed members about missing stuff on their account - DO BY THIS WEEKEND
  • EG to proof /store - DONE
  • SC to implement store - DONE


Previous Minutes

EG to push to main site, then agree by email

LK broadly happy

EG needs to flesh them out a bit


Leader's Office

Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

Getting back up to speed; more is being pushed out through press, written articles about Snoopers' charter, about ISIL etc

Candidates (now headed up by this office) - London branch have selected Mark Chapman as their candidate for Lambeth, beginning to ramp up.

Constituency work, LDN Rd fire station, council exec meeting on Thurs, SC and LK were at the launch of the mural in the village

Office is starting to get into the swing of things



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

Full of cold and just started back at Uni, so not much to report

LK thanks SC for his hard work over the past few weeks around the offices

Liability insurance HSE policy needs signing by everyone with keys

Treasury update of liquid money (Permanent)

To begin from next meeting



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

Few pieces out LK has talked about; may have someone for the leaders' office - next steps are speaking to Campaigns people.

SO has asked to throw up a GE2015 section on the new site, probably a good cue to go through how to do this on the new site

LK says given we've accepted AH's request to move the organisation on to a different place, it's something else we'll have to co-ordinate. i.e. disseminate info about the nomination of the position

Need to get people back onto picking up issues and running with them via Leaders' office, especially self-motivating - focus on candidate track



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

Written a few bits for internal stuff, none of which is yet public but should be soon.

Main focus has been on community.ppuk


Lancaster Policy Video

AH has already spoken with Adam to try and get it on community TV

Everyone else to feed back to Adam individually



SC/AH to migrate tasks - Monday - LK says we have had a few false starts on this, we need to make sure it happens this time

AH: We probably want to ask SW to see whether he can take it in-house, we have no backups or anything.

SC to talk with SW regarding backups


Date of Next Meeting

LK/EG ask about this

AH has problems with Tues/Thurs

NEC had previously discussed that maybe weekly is too often and not helpful to get things done.  Obviously the job of this is as a record for the rest of the party, which is important, but weekly seems OTT given we're also doing all of the work

AH: go back to these being updates

SC: we need to make decisions together, but we don't need to do that once a week

LK suggests we meet next week as we'll need to talk about the elections launch, but from that point we reassess. It's quite an onerous task to commit the time.

Move the meeting to WEDS 8th, due to 3/4s of the NEC unavailable to make the Thursday


Any Other Urgent Business