NEC Election Results - 2017

Ahoy Pirates,

So the results of our recent NEC Elections are as follows:

Deputy Leader: 21 Ballots - 14 for David Elston (ThyPirateDave), 5 for Jason Winstanley (Termy), 1 for RON (Re-Open Nominations), 1 Abstention - David Elston Elected on 1st Ballot

Secretary: 21 Ballots - 18 for Matt Johnson (Zapto), 3 for RON (Re-Open Nominations) - Matt Johnson Elected on 1st Ballot

Although the election was run under STV in both cases their was no requirement for 2nd preferences to be counted as the Quota was reached on the 1st Ballot.

Congratulations therefore to David and Matt, and many thanks to all who put themselves forward and contributed with questions to the discussion that was had both on Discord and the Community site to help the party move forward.

Thanks too to our Election Monitors, George and Noah who have both confirmed that they recieved no complaints about the election and have verified the results above.


Mark Chapman - Deputy Nominations Officer

Date: 2017-02-03 11:09:42