NEC Minutes for 30th January 2014

Thursday, 30 January, 2014 - 20:30
Loz Kaye (LK) - Leader
Sam Clark (SC) - Treasurer
Jack Allnutt (JA) - Deputy Campaigns
Jason Winstanley (JW) - Nominations
Sephy Hallow (SH) - Deputy Leader
Andy Halsall (AH) - Campaigns
Ed Geraghty (EG) - Secretary
Thomas Gaul - Int. Coord. PP-DE/PPI
Adam Fish - Lancaster University
Ellie Bailey - Lancaster University
Andrew Robinson (AR) - Governor

Matters Arising

  • LK to find venue in Manchester for Lancaster Meeting, SC to confirm dates SC: confirms 15th Feb 2014 CARRY FORWARD LK TO CONFIRM VENUE
  • JA to co-ordinate branch "how-to" activity drawing on London and York branches this week
  • LK to send post for pirate times to EG
  • Check through the minutes from the 18th - to finalise by the end of this week NO COMMENTS FROM ATTENDING
  • AH and LK to check over key campaigns resources
  • LK to send EG links to press hits for upcoming member mailout
  • NEC to look over the NWP - Ongoing LK stressed the need to get in touch with Andy if we have issues porting content and it needs to get done
  • LK to finish election report for Ancoats & Clayton CARRY FORWARD (has taken a bit longer than LK would have liked)
  • AH and EG to go over process documents AH holds CARRY FORWARD
  • SC/AH to go over treasury actions from physical meeting DOING THIS


Previous Minutes

Approved by all attending


Leader's Office

Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

  • Lots of good news on web blocking and other important legal things
  • Lots of work getting needles removed in Manchester
  • Good contact with pride action groups on getting more transparency in pride funds

Tasks for the upcoming week

  • Further work on NWP
  • LK and AH to get together and discuss front page ideas
  • Talk to AR about new board chair



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

  • Almost done on the accounts, will probably be late but not long into Feb
  • Waiting for HMRC for confirmation of VAT registration and dates we can back claim

Tasks for the upcoming week

  • Get hold of HMRC
  • Get logins for accounts software to everyone
  • ALL: Get bits of text for statement of accounts from departments



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

  • Working on NWP

Tasks for the upcoming week

  • LK and JA to talk about Brussels
  • LK would like to get in touch with JA, Maria and
  • Send EG stuff for weekly mailout to make his life easier



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

  • Carried over to next meeting due to apology from EG



Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

(JW was only via text for this meeting)

  • "Excuse the Wall of text... For me, we now have three vacancies on the Board, so we will have an internal election starting within 28 days. The only concern I have is an overlap between EU and BoG elections, so I'll be going over timings to see if we can avoid an overlap. Loz also sent around a timetable for the EU candidate selection which is very handy."
  • "Already had a few responses for information from the Call. which is lovely."
  • LK stressing the fact that we will not allow the Board elections to clash
  • SC notes his resignation from board so he now only holds the 'Treasurer' position

Tasks for the upcoming week

  • Move things so EU and Board elections don't clash


NEC Priorities/To Do list


Wythenshawe & Sale East

  • LK noted that decision was made at local Manchester meet-up not to run a candidate in this by-election as we do not have a suitable candidate in the area.


New Web Project (NWP) Content

  • SC getting bitcoins and other payment info working on the new membership system
  • Some of us meeting up over the next week to get NWP done!



  • JW to arrange dates for Board of Governor Elections


Date of Next Meeting

06th February, 2014


Any Other Urgent Business