NEC Minutes for 6th February 2014

Thursday, 6 February, 2014 - 20:30
Loz Kaye (LK) - Leader
Sephy Hallow (SH) - Deputy Leader
Jason Winstanley (JW) - Nominations
Ed Geraghty (EG) - Secretary
Andy Halsall (AH) - Campaigns (intermittent due to connection problems)
Jack Allnutt (JA) - Deputy Campaigns
Sam Clark (SC) - Treasurer

Matters Arising

  • LK to find venue in Manchester for Lancaster Meeting on the 15th Feb - Ongoing, suggestion to use his flat for morning and somewhere else for afternoon
  • JA to co-ordinate branch "how-to" activity drawing on London and York branches this week - Ongoing
  • LK to send EG post for pirate times - one gone live, technical issues with 2 more
  • Check through the minutes from the 18th - to finalise by the end of this week - No objections to the minutes
  • AH and LK to check over key campaigns resources - Done
  • LK to send EG links to press hits for upcoming member mailout - Done, more to send through this week
  • NEC to look over the New Web Project (NWP) - Ongoing LK stressed the need to get in touch with Andy if we have issues porting content and it needs to get done - to talk about later in the meeting
  • LK to finish election report for Ancoats & Clayton - end of this week
  • AH and EG to go over process documents AH holds - ongoing
  • SC/AH to go over treasury actions from physical meeting - done, though nothing back from co-op bank on new accounts
  • JW to arrange dates for Board of Governor Elections - to confirm in nominations section

Previous Minutes

Carried forward - circulate through email

Leader's Office

Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

LK gives his update

  • Election report is proving to be a much larger task than expected, but it is nearly there - it needs only to include important and useful data, broad brush is more important than minutiae. Need to get it out sooner rather than later for it to be useful.
  • LK and AH met in Sheffield and went through our shared campaigns resources to structure and rename them
  • LK had a piece go out in Planet Ivy regarding pronouncements from an MP that file sharers should face 10 year prison sentences
  • LK had a meeting with Peter Cray (North-West Green leader & Home Affairs spokesperson) at Peter's request - Peter wanted to talk about the upcoming EU elections and pointed out the Greens had lost in the NW to BNP by the smallest margin - LK points out it's not our job to blindly succumb to their wishes. LK told Peter we're still in the process of dealing with candidates but plan to run in NW.
  • LK and Peter agreed to run positive campaigns
  • LK states he felt it was useful to exchange views; he feels the meeting was productive and interesting
  • LK points out there has been further branch work, he has been attending council meetings, pushing for transparency on Manchester's Pride and Manchester council's CO2 emissions - the council have been trying to bury unwelcome news and must be held to account

SH gives her update

  • SH has been writing loads of EU-based content for the NWP (to finish the end of this week)
  • SH had an article published in Sex & Censorship which gathered >4,000 views in a day. Sex & Censorship have asked her for more, to talk on generic issues, as well as a piece specific on us as a party (and what we have to offer as opposed to the Greens & Liberal Democrats)
  • SH had an article posted on Pirate Times, more to follow

Tasks for the upcoming week

  • LK to finish election report
  • LK to set out game-plan for the 11th (The Day We Fight Back)


Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

Postponed due to illness AH summarises some points

  • AH looked at new finance system - looks good and seems to do everything we need
  • AH and SC to check over categorisation of expenditure for this year
  • AH reiterates - anything still being paid for personally needs to come back into the party

Tasks for the upcoming week

  • LK: People need to fill out declarations for January by the 10th


Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

  • We have received our first post in some time, shows people are starting to take notice again as they are beginning to correspond with us on issues
  • Been in contact with an academy school in Glasgow who had been asking for resources on politics in Scotland, sent physical and electronic campaigns material
  • NWP has been restored back to the 30th of Jan due to technical issues - we have lost a bit of work, but the work continues

Tasks for the upcoming week

  • NWP


Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

  • We have had blog posts and emails going out, as well as posts in Pirate Times
  • We have had incoming from our emails, slow but steady
  • EG apologises for having let things slip a bit - he has had a bad week
  • LK asks about extracting the priorities from the physical meet - to happen this week


Brief update (max. 5 minutes) on actions/tasks since last meeting

  • Board of Governors election will either start on 24th/25th February for the opening of Nominations
  • Deadline for EU nominations is the 11th of February - JW says he has had a couple of good responses to the final call-out, one specifically in NW region
  • NWP should be in place for the membership vote
  • LK says it's unfortunate that we have yet another Board election, but we have to deal with the reality as it stands
  • LK states we need to be clear on timings; there has already been some confusion as to dates.
  • LK says we need to focus on our output, we must make it better to increase our incoming

Tasks for the upcoming week

  • Ongoing tasks

NEC Priorities/To Do list

  • As actioned, LK and EG to go back over the minutes and extract points
  • From now, this is to be a bi-monthly agenda point

Wythenshawe & Sale East

  • Not standing in this election

New Web Project (NWP) Content

  • LK says he's grateful for all of the work which has been put in and is excited about the new site
  • AH reminds us of the need to put in content
  • Need to keep working on each NEC area
  • We know we need to run an election on this platform, we must get it done
  • As mentioned earlier, there has been some data loss due to having to roll the development platform back, but we back on our feet and can continue working
  • After discussion surrounding voting timetables, we can possibly run the vote on the old platform, then move to the new one if needs be though this is not ideal.
  • NEC decides there are no issues with running votes on old platform if needed.
  • JA mentions we need to decide on the voting system for the EU vote
  • JW and Phil Cooke to run through various possible vote types we can run and decide on which to use
  • AH and LK to also work with them to make sure it's clear to them how it all works, this is not like the other votes we have run


  • SH to resend Pirate Times stuff to LK
  • LK and EG to pull actions from physical meeting
  • LK/EG to write member mailout on "The day we fight back" for the 10th
  • LK/SH to write Leader's update
  • NEC - Need to be sure of timings for various internal elections
  • JW and Phil Cooke to agree on voting type and confirm to LK and AH for reflecting back

Date of Next Meeting

13th February 2014

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