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Operation Doubloons is live!

Friday, 2 June, 2017 - 17:45

Our 2017 snap general election crowdfunder has just gone live. Score yourself some Pirate booty, and help make politics a little bit better at the same time.

Let's build a ship. Together.

The Pirate Party was founded on a set of core principles, with a goal of challenging conventional politics and protecting the people's rights.

The party has come an incredibly long way since its start in 2009, relying solely on the help of the community that believes this is the way forward, and unlike many other minor parties, we are still growing stronger.

Along with crowdsourcing its policies, the party has relied on small-scale donations, in stark contrast to larger parties that have accepted money from questionable sources and wealthy benefactors.

A Year In Review

Tuesday, 10 January, 2017 (All day)

Ahoy Pirates,

As we start the New Year - we thought a Member's Update - looking at the Year past and the Year ahead was in order...

A Year in Review

So earlier in the Year we got our first Pirate representative in any level of government; 1st March 2016 (St David's Day) was when David Elston was co-opted onto the St Athan Community Council. He has been an effective advocate for Pirate policies on the council, in particular trying to increase the levels of transparency and openness to the local community.

Final Candidate Call - May 2016 Local Elections

Ahoy Pirates!

As you have heard from Stephen a few weeks ago ( - we have a number of people working in the background to get the party functioning well again. 

There has been a good set of conversations on the community forum - do get involved and have your say too. I am also aware that there are a number of people who have volunteered for stuff - if we haven't got back to you yet then please be patient - we certainly do want assistance but are still going through the 'figuring out what needs to be done' phase before getting people to help with that. Equally, don't be too patient just in case we have fumbled your message :-) - we should have had someone get back to you in the next couple of weeks at most.

In the meanwhile of course, the regular May elections are nearly upon us and we need to be finalising our candidate list. This is thus the final call to ask 'Could you be a local Pirate?' (See previous communication here: The formal Nominations forms need to be submitted by 4pm on Thursday the 7th April - so just 3 weeks away, and with the Easter break between now and then time is short to get things finalised.

Could you be a Local Pirate?

Ahoy Pirates!

As a party we appear to be brushing ourselves down and gearing up for the year ahead and inevitably that means a national set of elections in May.

Following the European Elections in 2014, and the General Election last year, this year the focus is on local councils and devolved Assemblies.

From Manchester to Maidstone, Bristol to Bridlington, there are local elections across almost all the country. If you want to be able to VOTE PIRATE in your area, then why not consider standing as a candidate for your local council? You can find out more about what it involves here -

In  2014 we stood in the North-West Region for the European Elections. At last year's General Election we had candidates in Manchester, Sheffield, South Wales and London. This year we want to consolidate in those areas, and branch out to new ones as well. This means that even if you are the only Pirate in your area it's still worth standing as a candidate as a  way of putting the Pirate name and brand out there - hopefully it will lead to kick-starting a branch in your area if people come forward and are interested.

Pirate Newsletter - August

Hello Pirates!

It might be the height of summer, but there still seems to have been a fair amount happening in the Pirate Party - so do please read on to find out more.