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Monday, 23 October, 2017 - 15:45

Czech Pirate Party (Česká pirátská strana) made massive gains recently in their National Government, winning 22 seats making them the third largest party, polling only 0.5% behind Civic Democratic Party, the 2nd largest party but making significantly larger gains.

This 10.8% vote share is an 8.1% increase on their 2013 figures, where they polled 2.7% but didn't qualifty for any representatives.

David A Elston, Pirate Party UK Acting Leader said, "We send our congratulations to the Czech Pirate Party for their dramatic achievement. They have demonstrated that the...

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David A Elston

Your Approval for New Positions of Trust

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Members of the Pirate Party UK, we would like your approval to appoint people to new positions of trust.  Why do we seek your approval?  Because we are a party that aspires to be both democratic and transparent.  Why then are these positions not up for election?  Because they are not really the right sort of position - these are jobs where we need skilled and trusted individuals who have already been vetted to ensure they are up to the challenge and are there to support the administration of the party.  

I won’t vote for any MP who supports Mandelson’s Digital Economy Bill

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I’ve just started a new facebook group: I won’t vote for any MP who supports Mandelson’s Digital Economy Bill.


The Digital Economy Bill plans to disconnect people from the internet if they’ve merely been accused of filesharing, or if anyone sharing their connection has been so accused. This is a breach of our human rights, and must be opposed.

Andrew Robinson interview

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Pirate leader Andrew Robinson has been interviewed on Simply Syndicated, where he discusses Mandelson's Digital Economy Bill.

Lord Mandelson asks for unlimited powers

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Lord Mandelson has asked for the most dangerous and far-reaching powers imaginable to fight his doomed battle against copyright infringement. In leaked documents he has asked for the power to amend the provisions of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988) in any way he wants, at any time, with no parliamentary vote.


It goes without saying that giving an unelected official the power to invent laws on a whim is wrong, but it's his reason for wanting this extraordinary power that should give the most cause for concern.

What the Queen didn't say

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The Queen's speech was notable not so much for the new announcements in it, but for the things it didn't include. Her Majesty did not say that her government would disconnect it's citizen's internet connections, or introduce a £50,000 fine for infringing the copyright of a file that cost £0.00 to reproduce, or that it would give harsher penalties for downloading a file for free than for buying the exact same information on a counterfeit disc.


But don't be fooled. This isn't a sudden outbreak of common sense, all those ill-considered provisions are still there, but for some reason the government forgot to tell the public about them in the Queen's speech.