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If you live in Wales, are aged 11-18 and want to take part in the Welsh Youth Parliament you will not be allowed to disclose your party affiliation.

The Welsh Government announced the end to their consultation in November 2017 and have decided on the particulars surrounding the Welsh Youth Parliament, despite never publishing the results of the consultation.

Those aged 11-18 are permitted to take part, the first elections will be November 2018 and there will be 60 members but none are allowed to disclose their party association(s). Indeed it is unclear if any register of...

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Mark Chapman / David A Elston

Mandy confirms he'll cut off filesharers

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Lord Mandelson, the business secretary, has confirmed that the UK government is planning to cut off filesharers from the internet:

The UK government will take steps that will exclude persistent downloaders of content from connecting to the internet, it confirmed today.

The UK business secretary, Lord Peter Mandelson said that the UK would pass legislation to cut off people as a last resort. Before cut off, individuals would receive warnings that their activities had been detected and warned to cease and desist.

The Telecoms Package - a failure for democracy

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This week has seen some rather worrying developments in Europe. Thursday saw the final barrier to France's three strikes law removed as the Constitutional Court ruled that it was legal. This is the first such law to be passed specifically to target illegal file-sharers and is unlikely to be the last. This action was supported by the recent progress made in Brussels with the notorious Telecoms Reform Package, legislation that will decide what restrictions can be placed on disconnected Internet users.

Support for Gary McKinnon

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I am not going to make an argument for supporting hacker Gary McKinnon in his bid to overturn the decision to extradite him to the US.  If even the Daily Mail believes he should be tried in an English court, then I find it hard to believe that the average Pirate is not well aware of Gary's situation.  Most of you will have strong feelings about it too.  I admit that I do.  The goal of this post is not to argue for my opinion - policy should never be made on the fly - but to ask for your help in deciding if, and how, the party should support Gary.

Taylor on creative content on the internet

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Alice Taylor is Channel 4 Television's Commissioning Editor for Education, and a founding member of the Open Rights Group. She's recently written an essay for Creative Scotland -- a government body "tasked with leading the development of the arts, creative and screen industries across Scotland" -- which chimes with what the Pirate Party's been saying:

PRS threatens shop worker for singing

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The Performing Rights Society don't like bad press. Today, the BBC are reporting that the PRS have backed down after threatening 56 year old Sandra Burt of the A&T Food store in Clackmannanshire, Scotland with a fine of "thousands of pounds" for the serious crime of singing to herself while stacking shelves without purchasing a licence.

Threats from the rights organisation had already forced the shop to get rid of the radio that Sandra Burt used to enjoy listening to, despite the fact that the radio station had already paid the monopoly's self dictated rate for the right to broadcast music to the public.