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Tuesday, 23 May, 2017 - 16:30

Pirate Party UK statement about the terrorist attack late last night in Manchester.

Police have confirmed 22 deaths and dozens more injured after the terrorist attack which took place in the centre of Manchester.

The latest and full information from Policing Events in Manchester can be found here.

Neil Blackburn, Pirate Party UK Manchester Candidate said:

"Today I woke to the sound of my little boy and shed a tear for those that will never...

Contact Name:
Neil Blackburn

Illegal Downloads from!

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You could not make this up. Not even the wildest pirate having the most insane pirate dream would make this up.

Lily Allen, through her website, infringes copyright by offering the music of other artists for free download.

You can read the full story at Michael Masnick's Techdirt blog.

Lily Allen has publicly argued that infringing copyright is wrong because it is the same as stealing. She said downloading pirated music is killing the music industry. Except, it seems, when it helps her music career.

Building a strong political party

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When we sent off our party registration form to the Electoral Commission less than a dozen weeks ago, we were all absolute beginners at running a political party. We elected 4 officers, because there were 4 officer jobs to be filled in on that form. We've come a very, very long way in a few short weeks, with more media coverage than we could have hoped for, and as officers, we've learned a lot about how a political party works. We've had our share of teething troubles, as you might expect from any group of volunteers, but we've learned a lot of lessons too, and we now have a much clearer picture of how much interest there is in the Pirate Party UK, and what needs to be done to turn this large group of  interested people into a fully functioning political party capable of contesting major elections ... and that's what I'm blogging about today.


Lily Allen: Broken Records, Broken Laws

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Lily Allen, daughter of the guy who played the corpse in Shallow Grave, possessor of a third nipple and alleged pop icon, has recently grabbed another claim to fame: self-appointed spokesperson for copyright laws. In her new blog, called 'It's Not Alright', Allen recycles familiar arguments that downloading is the same as stealing and it threatens the poorest people working in the music industry. If you believe her, it is just a coincidence that the most vehement critics of downloading are music execs and millionaire superstars like Allen.

Amelia Andersdotter interviewed by Daily Telegraph

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Amelia Andersdotter, the Swedish Pirate Party activist who will become an MEP if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified, has been interviewed by Andrew Keen of the Daily Telegraph:

Amelia Andersdotter of Sweden's Pirate Party from andrewkeen on Vimeo.

Pirate Party now biggest on Facebook

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Further to my previous article, "Pirate Party surpasses Labour Party on Facebook", the Pirate Party is now the largest UK political party in terms of the size of its Facebook group.

This is because of two developments: we're continuing to grow, having reached 7000 members on 19th of September, and the largest BNP group has diappeared (there are various BNP groups on Facebook; the current largest has 3715 members).