Sunday, 1 April, 2018 - 13:00

If you live in Wales, are aged 11-18 and want to take part in the Welsh Youth Parliament you will not be allowed to disclose your party affiliation.

The Welsh Government announced the end to their consultation in November 2017 and have decided on the particulars surrounding the Welsh Youth Parliament, despite never publishing the results of the consultation.

Those aged 11-18 are permitted to take part, the first elections will be November 2018 and there will be 60 members but none are allowed to disclose their party association(s). Indeed it is unclear if any register of...

Contact Name:
Mark Chapman / David A Elston

Why Pirate?


In 2010 I helped Tim Dobson campaign in Gorton. It was the first political campaign I had been involved in and it showed me how important the democratic process was in the UK. More importantly, it left me very aware at how under-represented I was in it.

I'd introduced Tim to open source software and had been a little involved in open source and open data projects, but never really as an activist. That changed rapidly..

As part of that campaign we asked whether people were pirates, whether they believed the same sort of things Tim did, whether they saw open government, transparency, civil liberties and digital rights as important.

The answer then, as it is now for many people was yes!

Since then I've worked within the party on organisation, policy, directed our crowd sourced policy initiative in 2012, designed and executed election campaigns and worked with our IT and campaigns team to deliver the tools we need to manage the party and campaign. It was hard work, but every time we hit a bump something would happen that would remind me why I was a pirate.