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Monday, 1 January, 2018 - 15:15

Dear Pirate Party Member,

I am writing to all members as the Nominations Officer for Pirate Party UK.

As some of you may be aware, there are local elections due to be held on Thursday 3rd May 2018. These are taking place all over the country with around 4,000 council seats up for grabs. Here are the local authorities where elections will take place.

Local elections represent a fantastic opportunity to spread awareness about the Pirate Party. Fighting...

Contact Name:
Garry Kitchin

Amelia Andersdotter interviewed by Daily Telegraph

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Amelia Andersdotter, the Swedish Pirate Party activist who will become an MEP if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified, has been interviewed by Andrew Keen of the Daily Telegraph:

Amelia Andersdotter of Sweden's Pirate Party from andrewkeen on Vimeo.

Pirate Party now biggest on Facebook

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Further to my previous article, "Pirate Party surpasses Labour Party on Facebook", the Pirate Party is now the largest UK political party in terms of the size of its Facebook group.

This is because of two developments: we're continuing to grow, having reached 7000 members on 19th of September, and the largest BNP group has diappeared (there are various BNP groups on Facebook; the current largest has 3715 members).


French Pirates get 2.06% in by-election

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 France's Parti Pirate fought its first election on Sunday. This was a by-election to the Natonal Assembly in the 10th district of Yvelines. The Pirate candidate was Maxime Rouquet, a 23 year old student, and he got 2.06% of the vote.

Details here.

Finding Candidates and Targets

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About once a week somebody will ask a question about which parliamentary seats the party should fight at the general election. Raising funds is vital to determining how many seats we can fight, but there is every likelihood that we will need to focus our energies on particular seats instead of trying to fight too many and losing a lot of deposits. That makes it absolutely vital that we make the best choice of which seats to fight. However, for a party concerned with information politics, we lack some of the information we would like. We can speculate about where we might get the most votes, but without polling data, it will be a guess. For example, university towns often get cited as likely targets. On the other hand, most PPUK members are too old to be students, and if the membership is representative of our voters we must have plenty of support off campus as well as on.


Talk Like a Pirate Day

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Have you ever tried to make a serious point about copyright reform or the creeping erosion of our civil liberties, whilst feigning a West Country accent and making numerous references to shivering your timbers and raising your mizzen mast whilst swabbing the poop deck?  Probably not, if you are sensible.  I tried to once, and it is far from easy to explain the need for new legislation whilst talking like a character from Treasure Island.  But for those Pirates who need an excuse for a party (note the small 'p' in party, we do not want any splitters...) then you have a great excuse this Saturday, when it is Talk Like a Pirate Day.  You can find out more about Talk Like a Pirate Day from the official website of the Americans who started it and from the official website of some Brits who did not start it.