Sunday, 1 April, 2018 - 13:00

If you live in Wales, are aged 11-18 and want to take part in the Welsh Youth Parliament you will not be allowed to disclose your party affiliation.

The Welsh Government announced the end to their consultation in November 2017 and have decided on the particulars surrounding the Welsh Youth Parliament, despite never publishing the results of the consultation.

Those aged 11-18 are permitted to take part, the first elections will be November 2018 and there will be 60 members but none are allowed to disclose their party association(s). Indeed it is unclear if any register of...

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Mark Chapman / David A Elston

Talk Like a Pirate Day

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Have you ever tried to make a serious point about copyright reform or the creeping erosion of our civil liberties, whilst feigning a West Country accent and making numerous references to shivering your timbers and raising your mizzen mast whilst swabbing the poop deck?  Probably not, if you are sensible.  I tried to once, and it is far from easy to explain the need for new legislation whilst talking like a character from Treasure Island.  But for those Pirates who need an excuse for a party (note the small 'p' in party, we do not want any splitters...) then you have a great excuse this Saturday, when it is Talk Like a Pirate Day.  You can find out more about Talk Like a Pirate Day from the official website of the Americans who started it and from the official website of some Brits who did not start it.

Pirate Party surpasses Labour Party on Facebook

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 It appears the Pirate Party is more popular than the Labour Party, at least on Facebook. Our group there -- at the time of writing -- has 6364 supporters, whereas Labour's has only 6356. And the Pirate Party has only been in existance for a month.

The only UK political party to have more supporters than PPUK on Facebook is the BNP (currently 7383 supporters). This is likely to change, with PPUK overtaking the BNP, not least because there are more filesharers in Britain than fascists.


Musicians oppose disconnecting filesharers

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The BBC is reporting that many musicians oppose the government's plans to disconnect filesharers:

An alliance of music stars, songwriters and record producers has spoken out against UK government proposals to kick file-sharers off the internet.

Persistent file-sharers could have their internet accounts suspended in an attempt to crack down on piracy. But Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien, a member of the Featured Artists' Coalition (FAC), said: "It's going to start a war which they'll never win."

Making Friends

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Politics may not seem like the friendliest business.  In some senses, it is the wordy alternative to relying on fists to arbiter a decision.  Churchill said "To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war".  In the House of Commons, the distance between the opposing front benches is the length of two swords.  This symbolizes that each side of the house must use language to engage opponents, instead of using violence to intimidate them.  Whilst politics may sometimes seem like combat through wordplay, only a poor politician would try to overpower all opponents.  A better politician realizes to win a democratic argument requires the skill of persuasion.  And that is just another way of saying we win if we make more friends than enemies.


Meeting and Talk in Regent's Park, London

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So much has happened so quickly, it seems strange to observe that very few party members have met in person.  For those living around London, we have an ideal opportunity to meet each other, meet leader Andrew Robinson, and help recruit new members to the party, all at the same time.  Put this date in your diary:

5.30pm, Saturday, September 5th

and come to

The Treehouse Gallery, Regent's Park, London NW1 4NU (see Google Map here)