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Friday, 14 July, 2017 - 10:15

Board of Governors 2017 By-Election Summary

Samuel Mills, Noah Stride and Jeb Hedges are declared elected after counting 20 ballots using ERS97 STV. There were 5 candidates for 3 seats (including RON).

Detailed Results:

There were zero spoilt (aka empty) ballots cast and 20 valid ballots cast across the 5 candidates.

The bar charts below show the vote counts for each candidate in each round.

Yellow – Votes carried over from previous round
Green – Votes received in this round
Red – Votes transferred away in...

Contact Name:
David A Elston

New government proposals on filesharing

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This morning the government intend to unveil new proposals on filesharing. The proposals are widely expected to include an effective declaration of war on 7 million filesharers and on the civil liberties of all Britain's internet users.

I've discussed this on my personal blog; the Pirate Party will comment on this further as the details come in.

Our Facebook group now has over 4000 members

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The Pirate Party's Facebook group now has over 4000 members -- as I write the total is 4050.

Incidently the biggest political parties on Facebook are the BNP (6639 members) and the Labour Party (6265 members). Pirate Party UK has only been in existance for less than a month, and already we are more than half-way to surpassing them!

If you haven't already joined Pirate Party UK's facebook group, do so now (you don't need to be a party member to join). And tell all your friends to.


The Price of Justice

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The government tell us that 7 million people in this country share files. It's hard to find any precise data on how many individual files each one of those people are sharing, but 100 seems like a fairly conservative guess.

In the Digital Britain report, the government also tell us that they want to reduce file sharing by 70% within a year. Leaving aside the obvious question of why they don't commit to a 100% target if they really think that file sharers are doing something morally wrong, let's look at what would be involved in reaching their target.

Getting to Know You

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Imagine what happens when you take 500 strangers, throw them into a room, and get them to co-operate on performing a big task.  Well, there is no need to imagine, because that is exactly what is happening with this party (except we're not in a room, unless it's a chatroom).

We all understand that having lots of enthusiastic individuals is not the same as having an effective team.  In a good team, people restrain their personal instincts and do the best job they can for the team. 


Opinion: Pirate Party Claims of Using Common Sense Under Investigation by Parliamentary Standards Committee

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I am writing this to answer a question that has been raised on our forums and I would like to answer it publicly as there can be no doubt about what our goals and aims are and, more importantly in this case, aren't. 

Now, while the ideal of allowing all images to be legal may seem appealing in an idealistic sense, there has to be some use of moral sense. The Obscene Publications Act should not be hamstrung by introducing a contradictory and obviously flawed law.  A seemingly innocuous statement like "possession of images of any kind should not be illegal" implies that  we also want to legalise obscene images.  Not the easiest claim to refute if we go down that road.