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Tuesday, 23 May, 2017 - 16:30

Pirate Party UK statement about the terrorist attack late last night in Manchester.

Police have confirmed 22 deaths and dozens more injured after the terrorist attack which took place in the centre of Manchester.

The latest and full information from Policing Events in Manchester can be found here.

Neil Blackburn, Pirate Party UK Manchester Candidate said:

"Today I woke to the sound of my little boy and shed a tear for those that will never...

Contact Name:
Neil Blackburn

RMS talks to the Pirate Party UK

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For nearly everyone reading this post, rms will need no introduction, so I'll just say that if it wasn't for Richard M. Stallman we wouldn't have GNU, the Free Software Foundation or the GPL.

A while back, rms published an article about the implications of the Swedish Pirate Party's proposal for a 5 year copyright duration on the GPL, in which he proposed a system of source code escrow.

Homophobia will not be tolerated in this party

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One of the first things I read this morning was #comment-100001234" mce_href="" target="_blank">this blog in the Telegraph. While the author is clearly interested in having the sort of rational, well thought out debate about issues that we as a party are trying to encourage, instead he makes this very serious point: "Glance through the comments on any post or news article about the issue and you’ll find a reference to the fact that Mandelson is gay, as if this somehow affects his ability to tell right from wrong."

I would like to point out that the Pirate Party UK's blogs are an exception, and I've never seen any evidence of homophobia by party members. I also want to say this very firmly: "We absolutely will not tolerate homophobic statements by any party member."


The changes to the forum, a clarification of earlier.

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As our member numbers have grown over the last week or so the party has reached the point where we can provide the benefits of membership we promised. Previously policy discussion was publicly available to comment on but now detailed policy discussion will be restricted to the members of the party. Members can now take their role in help shape the party as we go forward.

Non-members aren't going to be left out of the loop, you're the people we're trying to convince to vote for us! Regular summaries etc will become public as policy is finalised.

Luckily it isn't hard to become a Pirate Party UK member so you can easily join in on the debate.


Why I'm Happy If They Criminalise It

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So, Lord Mandelson comes back from his holiday and decides to pay for it by quickly adding a bit to the Queens Speech that will allow his mates to increase their vast fortunes.

Lets forget the fact that this should all be debated in the Digital Britain debate in parliament later this year and look at what positives might come from this.

Membership Update

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When the PPUK officers had their last conference call, less than a week ago, we set ourselves a simple target.  The capability to enrol members had just been put in place.  The website was live and we hoped to convert the 200 regular users of the forum into full members within a fortnight.  The plan was to only engage the media after we had a little money, a few members to boast of, and the chance to test our systems and processes and fix the remaining bugs.  Well, forget that plan!  The media has been hot for the story from moment the Telegraph reported that the Pirate Party UK had officially registered.  The party is only 2 weeks old, but the response has been extraordinary.