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What is The Board?

The Board of Governors is the body responsible for proposing amendments to the Party's constitution, and other as-of-yet unspecified governance responsibilities.   Whilst Board Members draft, propose, and vote on amendments, they will only be adopted into the constitution upon approval by the party in a vote of all members.   The Board is comprised of 9 Governors, who are elected by an STV vote of the members no less frequently than every 5 years. The next elections for The Board must be held by July 2020. The chair is currently elected by the Board from amongst their number at least once a year.  

Here you can view the Board's Minutes.

Here you can view the Board's current and former members.

Here you can view the Board's Code of Practice.

How can I contact the board?

The board can be contacted at

Chair of the Board

Chair of the Board

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Current Internal Elections

We are not currently running any internal elections but to see what positions are open for nominations, check here.