Aim to exceed CO2 emission targets

 The 2008 Climate Change Act details UK greenhouse gas emission targets. This requires 80% reduction in emissions between 1990 and 2050. We would aim to not just meet but exceed that objective. 

Require green or solar roofing for all newly-built commercial buildings

So much potential is wasted in commercial building use. We would require green or solar roofing for all newly-built commercial buildings. The soil and plants on green roofs lower urban temperatures and reduce flooding. This would apply to all new commercial buildings (e.g. supermarkets & factories). At least 50% of the roof would be required to be green roof or solar panels 

Tax incentives for companies that lower global carbon footprint

We would continue to provide tax incentives for lowering businesses' carbon footprint. Capital allowances would continue to be available when buying energy-efficient items. 

Increase research funding for renewable energy production

We would Increase academic funding for renewable energy production via the Research Councils UK Energy Programme. We would provide additional renewable energy business grants via Innovate UK.  In particular, the focus would be on energy efficiency and energy storage. 

Stop public subsidies to fossil fuel production

 We would stop public subsidies to fossil fuel / hydrocarbon production. No further Field Allowances would be offered.  

  • The 30% Ring Fence Corporation Tax on oil and gas profits would be maintained  
  • The Supplementary Charge would return to 32% (it was recently reduced to 20%)  
  • The Petroleum Revenue Tax would stay at 50% (it would otherwise fall to 35% in 2016)

Review coal-bed methane, shale gas, and other novel hydrocarbon extraction

We would place an immediate hold on all novel hydrocarbon extraction (inc. fracking) in the UK. We would commission in-depth, independent, scientific review of risks and benefits. We would then Implement evidence-based policy and regulations based on results of review. 

Increase and renew nuclear fission-based energy production capacity

  • Ageing and unsafe British AGRs would be decommissioned .
  • The most polluting coal- and oil-based power stations would be decommissioned too 
  •  Overall capacity would be increased by building modern designs (e.g. ABWR or WWER) 

Label electrical and electronic goods with mean time to failure

Electrical and electronic goods are currently labelled with estimated energy efficiency. Often the reliability and expected lifetime is also an important factor for a customer We would require these goods to be labelled with their mean time to failure.

Ban wild animal acts in circuses

The brutal training methods, severe confinement and constant travel are cruel to wild animals in circuses. We would reintroduce and support the Wild Animals in Circuses Bill. 

Classify cats as legal property

Under the Road Traffic Act 1988, accidents involving some animals must be reported. This currently includes dogs, goats, horses, cattle, etc., but not cats, which is an anomaly. By reclassifying cats, drivers who run over cats would have to report it to the police. 


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