European Union & Common Election Programme

The European Union

Given that self determination is one of the fundamental principles that we believe in, we believe that a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU should be offered to voters in the UK and that such a referendum should include the option for the UK to pull out of the EU and negotiate its own agreements with the EU as a whole or with individual member states.

The EU should live up to its own principles on subsidiarity and decisions should not be taken at an EU level if they can be better resolved on a national, regional or local level. It is important that the EU increase it’s level of transparency and openness and that these principles should inform the EU’s politics, organisation and administration.

In the absence of transparency and openness accountability becomes questionable at best and the lack of accountability that is one of our primary concerns with the EU. To ensure that the European Union is accountable to its members and citizens, it is vital that there is scrutiny of the European Council by national parliaments.

The UK should not adopt the Euro as currency nor aim for it’s adoption.

No EU member state should be required to join the Euro, or agree to join in future as a requirement of membership.

The weaknesses of monetary union in the context of the EU have been made more than clear and without being resolved, it is obvious that some countries, their economies and citizens, would not benefit from closer monetary union. We will rebalance power within the EU toward elected representatives and away from the Council of Ministers and Commission. For the EU to function properly and in the interests of its members, the influence of anonymous civil servants in the creation of policy must be minimised.We do not support the imposition of EU data retention laws on the UK, they should be repealed at the EU level and should not be should be implemented in the UK.

We do not support the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive (IPRED), an attempt by the European Union to increase penalties and eventually criminalise commercial copyright and patent infractions within the EU. IPRED which includes confiscatory and subpoena powers to copyright holders in civil cases should be repealed and attempts to bring forward IPRED2 should be halted.SWIFT data, passenger records should not be permitted to leave the EU without a concrete suspicion of crime that is punishable within the EU state the data originated.

Common European Election Programme


In the last months of 2013, Pirates from around Europe worked together to produce a set of policies that are common across the Pirate Parties contesting European Parliament elections in May of 2014. This Common European Election Programme is the result of that negotiation process.

Once the Common European Election Programme has been adopted by the parties, it will form a cornerstone in the European election campaign.

The CEEP is not a full manifesto for our European Parliament election campaigns. The programme acts a common base upon which we will add our own policies that are right for the UK and the constituents that we wish to represent.


The Pirate movement is still relatively young, having started just 7 years ago in Sweden. We don’t yet have the armies of volunteers, financial backers or media visibility that the largest political parties have. As a result it is vital that Pirates cooperate and share what we do have with Pirates from all across Europe to help magnify our presence and make sure that our policies and ideas are heard by the electorate.

Having a shared, common programme allows European Pirates to work together more effectively. We will be able to speak with a single voice on our core issues but ensure that each individual party is able to present its own views to their own national electorate. This document ensures that we can serve the people we hope to represent and also work together toward a common cause.

We know that although the European elections should focus on European issues, each party in each member state has its own priorities and interests to deal with and that while we are all part of the same movement, we can have different ideas.

The upcoming European Parliament elections are an important opportunity. This is our chance to democratically shape the future of the European Union. The next five years will be vital in securing our civil liberties, ensuring that the Union becomes more transparent, opening up secretive treaties and achieving reform to copyrights and patents. To make the most of this opportunity we need to work together in the areas where we agree.


Today’s European Union as a supranational institution is a project of its member states rather than of its citizens.

PIRATES believe that Europe should be organised in the common interest of all European citizens, as well as the interests of member states.

PIRATES in the European Union have adopted this election programme and strive together to make our vision for the Union a reality. The democratic deficit within the European Union has existed since its formation and has not been sufficiently addressed in the course of the integration process.

An important goal of all PIRATES is to build a solid democratic foundation for the Union. In order to achieve that goal it is crucial to ensure that political processes are more citizen friendly. Together we must encourage the development of a common European space for culture, politics and society, and protect the existing rich and diverse cultures that exist within the Union.

The EU must live up to its own principles on subsidiarity. Decisions should not be taken at an EU level if they can be better resolved on a national, regional or local level. Equal and easy access to communication and an informed citizenry are basic requirements in legitimate democratic decision making. Political decisions at the European level need to be preceded by Europe-wide debate and allow for the adequate participation of all.

PIRATES strongly believe that all people have the right to fair and equal treatment. It is essential that society respect the rights of minorities. We will stand against discrimination of any kind and oppose movements that act against Human Rights.

The Internet as a medium of communication offers tremendous opportunities for political development, overcoming top-down, one-way communication. PIRATES will therefore defend the freedom of the Internet with fierce determination at the European level as well as on the global scale.