Foreign and Defence

Defence of the realm is a primary responsibility of government. The United Kingdom must be able to meet its own defence needs as well as its obligations to defend overseas territories and allies. Whilst we are not in favour of so-called ‘pre-emptive defence’ or an aggressive defence posture, we realise that the UK must be ready to respond to aggression or threats to our way of life. We firmly believe that our Armed Forces must be well equipped with the appropriate equipment for the tasks we ask them to undertake, and trained for the roles in which they find themselves.

As part of moving towards the aim of a nuclear free Europe we would remove the nuclear weapons capability of the UK. We do not see that it any longer has a place in the current post-cold war environment.

We must ensure that we take care of our Armed Forces to the best of our ability and use them only when absolutely necessary. All members of the Armed Forces should be secure in the knowledge that the country will not desert them once they complete their terms of service.