Our Local policies apply to County Council or Town Council levels.

We want our libraries to remain a free source of knowledge and information but also to do so much more in a passive, user-friendly way. Our security and anonymity should be protected when using a public machine and we should look to lessen the risk of using public internet connections.

Councils should be the frontier in what open source, production-ready software can be used to save the public purse some money and increase the circulation of open alternatives.

The communication between councils and the residents needs improvements across the UK. While some areas consultations have a sensible layout, in others they are completely different. Often a simply survey in one town while in others a full written response is necessary. Online consultations in a standard format will remedy this.

Councils should be expected to be completely open and transparent, lessening the need for FOI requests but should a FOI request be required, they should be easily accessible.