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  • Harley Faggetter / Mark Chapman
    Monday, 23 October, 2017 - 21:45

    Ahoy fellow Pirates,

    Our NEC internal elections are due with nominations opening 27th October. This will be our two-yearly full NEC election, for the positions of Leader, Deputy Leader, Nominating Officer, Treasurer and Party Secretary with a recent change removing the office of Campaign Officer.

    A full timetable for the election is here:

    - 27th October: Nominations open
    - 10th November: Nominations close & Campaigning starts
    - 17th November: Voting opens
    - 24th November: Voting closes & Campaigning ends


  • David A Elston
    Monday, 23 October, 2017 - 15:45

    Czech Pirate Party (Česká pirátská strana) made massive gains recently in their National Government, winning 22 seats making them the third largest party, polling only 0.5% behind Civic Democratic Party, the 2nd largest party but making significantly larger gains.

    This 10.8% vote share is an 8.1% increase on their 2013 figures, where they polled 2.7% but didn't qualifty for any representatives.

    David A Elston, Pirate Party UK Acting Leader said, "We send our congratulations to the Czech Pirate Party for their dramatic achievement. They have demonstrated that the...

  • David A Elston
    Monday, 16 October, 2017 - 19:45

    Standing five Pirates in Luxembourg's 2017 communal elections, Pirate Partei gained 33,566 (1.3%) votes under their Proportional Representation system, which entitles them to three representatives.

    David A Elston, Pirate Party UK Acting Leader said:

    "Congratulations to the Luxembourg Pirates who gained three seats in the communal elections recently.

    "While it is difficult to compare voting systems and different countries, this goes a long way towards further demonstrating two very important things: Firstly, there is an international calling to place more Pirates in...

  • David A Elston
    Friday, 14 July, 2017 - 10:15

    Board of Governors 2017 By-Election Summary

    Samuel Mills, Noah Stride and Jeb Hedges are declared elected after counting 20 ballots using ERS97 STV. There were 5 candidates for 3 seats (including RON).

    Detailed Results:

    There were zero spoilt (aka empty) ballots cast and 20 valid ballots cast across the 5 candidates.

    The bar charts below show the vote counts for each candidate in each round.

    Yellow – Votes carried over from previous round
    Green – Votes received in this round
    Red – Votes transferred away in...

  • David A Elston
    Monday, 3 July, 2017 - 19:15

    Hello fellow Pirates

    We are now well into the campaign period for the internal by-election for the three vacant seats on our Board of Governors.

    Polls will open 6th July at 18:30 and close 13th July at 18:30. The voting system used is STV.

    The following nominations have been received and are displayed in order received:

    •     Sam Mills, seconded by Harley Faggetter
    •     Noah Stride, seconded by Matt Johnson
    •     George Pender, seconded by Mark Chapman
    •     Jeb Hedges, seconded by David A Elston



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