Allegations Rock Web Filtering Policy

Downing Street has said, that one of David Cameron's aides has been arrested on suspicion of an offence "relating to child abuse imagery".

As deputy head of the policy unit, Patrick Rock was one of a number of officials who had been working on Internet policy in the wake of tabloid pressure on abuse imagery. The Prime Minister had been due to make him a peer "in recognition of his long service and the trust that he puts in his judgement".

Downing Street pressure for web filtering caused a great deal of controversy when it was revealed that sex education sites, information for LGBT youth and web sites such as the Edinburgh Women's Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre were blocked.

Sephy Hallow Pirate Party UK Deputy Leader said:

"It's always difficult to comment on an ongoing investigation, particularly in to such a shocking allegation. But at the very least it casts real doubt on Cameron's judgement who he gets to form policies like web filtering."

"It doesn't take much knowledge or understanding of the Internet to realise that filters don't work - a fact our Prime Minister refuses to acknowledge."

"I beg David Cameron to open his eyes and realise all the web filtering programme does is punish victims of abuse, not provide protection to the innocent. It is such a shame that it may take allegations of child abuse within his own staff to make him realise how ineffectual porn filters are."

"It's time for concrete action. We're proposing a £1 million funding boost for CEOP per year, specifically to deal with supporting victims and finding abusers. This could be funded by disbanding the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit. Let's get our priorities right."

Tuesday, 4 March, 2014 - 13:00
Sephy Hallow

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