BPI wants more site blocking, for Christmas

The BPI has demanded that UK ISPs start blocking three new torrent sites, or face being dragged through the courts.

The news comes just a week after yet another study proved that users of filesharing networks spend more money on music than non-sharers. Pirate Party UK Leader Loz Kaye commented:

"Not only does site blocking fail to achieve its stated aim (as our own proxy has shown) it is setting a highly damaging precedent for those who would restrict freedom of expression on the Internet."

"Earlier this month Foreign Secretary William Hague stated that 'efforts to suppress the Internet are wrong and are bound to fail over time', yet this government is happy to allow British courts to censor the Internet at the behest of unaccountable corporate interests."

The ISPs have said they will wait for a court order before they implement any blocks. The BPI's stated aim is to have the three sites - Fenopy, H33t and Kickass Torrents - censored by Christmas, an unprecedentedly quick timescale.

"While it is encouraging that our ISPs are waiting for a court order, it is likely that, once again, the BPI will be able to make their case with no one present to argue the defence or challenge their questionable evidence. For justice to be done, all sides must be represented in court."

The BPI insists that these measures have a significant impact, yet the evidence tends to point to the contrary. The PirateBay said that their traffic actually lept up in the wake of the last block, and our proxy to The Pirate Bay serves approximately 2 million hits each day."

Loz Kaye
Party Leader
Pirate Party UK

Tuesday, 23 October, 2012 - 08:45
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