Ethical Banking

HSBC whistleblower 'Mr Ethical' has won his hard, drawn-out, 13-year-long battle against his former employer.

Four million pounds in compensation is due to be split between 6,700 people who had been forced to pay unreasonable debt collection charges.

David A Elston, Pirate Party Spokesperson, said:

“It’s not every day that someone takes on a big bank and wins. Just over a year ago, Nicholas Wilson (or as he has come to be known, 'Mr Ethical') told me, and the hosts of Anon UK Radio, about the gruelling experience he had been through.

“It takes an incredible amount of strength to whistle-blow, especially when management are not on your side. To think it has taken 13 years for justice to be served is both unbelievable – in that it has taken so long – and unsurprising – when you look at the way people like Nicholas have been treated in the past, not to mention what the big banks have been allowed to get away with.

“Wilson himself admitted on TV that if anyone was thinking of whistleblowing, he believed they shouldn’t do it, as it is simply not worth it. This only fuels my belief that society needs to be far more supportive of whistleblowers, and they need greater protection – something that the Pirate Party has consistently campaigned for.

"As Annie Machon said, “Whistleblowers are the regulators of last resort”. For it to take a whistleblower 13 years of hard campaigning and gruelling stress on his personal life to get HSBC brought to justice shows us just how inadequate our financial regulatory system is.

"More encouragingly, in a recent brief exchange with Nicholas online, I asked him what he plans to do now his 13-year campaign has come to an end. He said he was busier than ever – working to disprove FCA/HSBC figures, exposing cover-ups, and continuing to help people get their money back.

"I consider Mr Ethical an honorary Pirate. While I’m not sure how he’d feel about the association, I’m sure he will be an inspiration to our members to never give up the fight for transparency. I know Nicholas came close to giving up, and his story took some dark turns, but he is proof that if you keep fighting for what is right, you can win."


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Monday, 23 January, 2017 - 22:45
David A Elston

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