European Elections - 'Know us, Like us, Vote for us' The last week.

The Pirate Party UK has been focussing heavily on ramping up its campaigning for the last 8 days running up to the European election. Since the beginning of the campaign, the party and its candidates have been working hard to get their message across to voters in the North West.

Campaigns Officer Andy Halsall said:

"Over the last few weeks the party's volunteers have done a brilliant job on the ground in places like Manchester as well as online to ensure that more people than ever are aware of Pirate Party UK and what we stand for.  We've used social media and traditional methods to campaign positively and I think we're making the case to put more pirates in the European Parliament."

"As part of our 'Know us, Like us, Vote for us' campaign, we've been highlighting our ideas and positions on Europe and we've made sure our candidates were as contactable as possible.  Over the last few weeks, party volunteers have dealt with an almost overwhelming number of calls, emails and letters from voters wanting to know more or willing to offer support."

"The party published two videos: 'Vote for more Pirates in the European Parliament' and 'Vote for what you believe', more than 30 policy based images and saw thousands of views across its online resources.  Our candidates have attended hustings (with more to come this week), spoken to the media and dealt with questions about their positions and ideas."

"It's absolutely fantastic to see and hear people from all across the UK; it's not just the North West offering us support, getting involved with the party, donating via our crowd-funding effort and joining, its the whole country.  Right now we are seeing the highest rate of new membership applications since I started working with the party in 2011."

"I'm proud of what this campaign has done so far to highlight the major issues we face in the UK and in Europe with regard to democracy, trade, civil and digital rights and more. We'll keep doing that right up until election day."

Wednesday, 14 May, 2014 - 10:30
Andy Halsall
0161 987 7880

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