Lauri Love should not be extradited

British Citizen Lauri Love is to be extradited to the USA, according to a ruling made 16th September.

Naomi Colvin of Courage Foundation said:

"Judge Tempia's ruling on Friday shows that the legal changes Theresa May introduced after she blocked Gary McKinnon's extradition are not fit for purpose. If the forum bar won't protect Lauri Love, who Judge Tempia acknowledged presents a suicide risk due to his complex medical diagnoses, it's very hard to see how they could ever protect anyone.

The whole issue of Britain's extradition arrangements with the United States, which has been of such intense public concern in recent years, will now have to be reopened.

If Lauri has questions to answer, the right and proper place for that to happen is in the United Kingdom, where allegations involving US computer sytems are routinely handled. It's clearly not in the United States where Lauri faces an indefinite period on suicide watch and where, due to the plea bargaining system, the chances of him ever facing any kind of trial are vanishingly small."

Mark Chapman, Pirate Party Spokesperson said:

"Lauri Love and the USA both deserve justice and so far we have every indication that  justice is not what will happen if Lauri is extradited to the USA. The alleged crimes are serious but the best chance for the truth to come out and justice obtained lies in a fair trial, not in a plea deal to reduce a lengthy stay in a US prison."

David A Elston Pirate Party Spokesperson said:

"During the Brexit campaign we found Remain and Leave voters wanting to reform or leave the EU; specifically because they wanted greater control over their own country. I find it difficult to believe either side would now be content with handing over Lauri Love to a foreign power".

Love is currently facing a long prison sentence in the USA after allegations of hacking NASA, the FBI and the US Federal Reserve as well as copying personal data.

These are serious accusations and should be taken seriously.

However the inconsistency in the extradition ruling is obvious to many. Gary McKinnon's extradition under similar circumstances was blocked personally by the then Home Secretary, Theresa May. Since then a new "forum bar" rule was introduced [1], designed to stop extraditions in cases such as this, where the delays involved would make extradition not in the interests of justice, or where the case would be better tried in the UK.

Furthermore those who have been accused of similar hacking and cyber crime activities in the USA rarely proceed to trial. Typically the accused serve a lengthy time in prison where eventually a guilty plea "deal" is offered to reduce the time they will serve inevitably waiting for a trial that will never happen.


Thursday, 22 September, 2016 - 19:00
David Elston / Mark Chapman

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