Local Elections Leaders Update

While we congratulate our Finnish friends of Piraattipuolue on successfully getting not one but two Pirates elected in the municipal elections, one in Helsinki and one in Jyväskylä we remain hopeful that our local communities here will vote for the new, open and trust-restoring politics that Pirates can offer.

In the last election cycle we were heavily focused on the disastrous IP Act and DE Bill that the Conservatives were pushing into law, helped by Labour. We saw Pirates campaign nationally to bring awareness to this injustice and publish information on how to protect ourselves from these invasive and disproportionate new powers.

Despite this, Andreas Habeland came forward to #BeThePirate in last year's local elections and this time, we have tripled our impact, with Jeb, Des and I all stepping up to represent our local communities.

This goes a long way towards showing the party is reaching into new ground and branches such as those in Wales are starting to inspire more people into a better kind of politics.

Where Jebs and I are standing, established parties are busy arguing over if Wales can "go it alone" in independence, others claim we need to stick together after Brexit - but neither are talking about how our communities need to undergo a drastic evolution in order to reach their full potential. Where Des is standing in New Milton is equally forgotten about under the wave of national policies which are difficult to translate to a local level. Our communities need an independent Pirate voice representing their views and not the top-down policies from an out-of-date politics.

Openness and transparency matter at all levels of government and in all areas of our country. The areas in which we are standing suffer from some of the poorest utilisation of the Internet. St Athan still suffers from a lack of fibre optic connections, drastically limiting our ability to get involved in the digital economy and access knowledge. New Milton's council haven't utilised the online world to bring in tourism and their highstreets are failing. Castleland in Barry, a very popular town, still has terrible mobile data deadzones as well as police forces not using databases such as Mobicode to check to see if popular electronics are possibly stolen goods or not.

We are looking forward to bringing the Pirate message to our communities, but we need your help - please lend us us your online voice and amplify the Pirate message this election time.

P.S. Remember to register to vote for this election, else you might miss your chance to #VotePirate

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Wednesday, 12 April, 2017 - 12:45
David A Elston
Dept. Noms.
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